QUESTION/ISSUE Cubase 11 and Melodyne 4

I’m using C11 and Melodyne 4 and have several issues that may be bugs or user error. I have never really warmed to the Melodyne UX, but I’m trying to make it work because the results really are great (when it works!)

  1. I have noticed that sometimes, edits in Melodyne are not being saved with the CPR. Eg. I will transpose a few notes in a clip. It exports fine. Save it. Close CPR. When I re-open, the transposition is GONE. The clip is still in Melodyne… but at the original pitch! Is this a known issue? Fixed in Melodyne 5?

2, Aren’t edits in Melodyne supposed to show up in the Cubase Edit History? They don’t for me.

  1. Sometimes, when I click on the ruler IN MELODYNE, the Cubase project doesn’t sync up. Eg. the display shows bar 242 in Melodyne, whilst Cubase goes back to bar 7. How do I make sure that they stay in sync?

  2. And finally, this is probably user error: in the Melodyne window, how does one expand -horizontally-? There is a slider to enlarge the notes vertically, but I can’t figure out how to ‘zoom in and out’ as one can do in Cubase by holding the mouse over the ruler. Can someone give me the trick?


Hi there.

For your first point I can share a link to my other post on this. If you follow this thread (the first post isn’t directly related) but you can see that others have the same issue and later down the post it gets a little more interesting and relevant. We need more users to bring this up as a serious issue. Thanks

also see;

[issues collection] Beware of using Melodyne now

I have lost hours of work with this too :frowning:

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(CC of another post) Just a short update - I have compiled all the threads about this data loss issue (scattered across the forum in multiple posts!) into one PM that Martin J has now forwarded to the ARA testing/development team directly at Steinberg. Fingers crossed we get this looked at urgently for the next update. Many thanks to Martin for this and for everyone posting about their own troubles.


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Thanks for advocating on this.

The question (for me) is that I’m perfectly happy with V4. I have no way of knowing if it’s a Melodyne issue or something to do with Cubase being relatively new to ARA. I don’t want to upgrade to Melodyne 5 simply for a bug fix… especially if that’s not the problem.