'realtime algorithm has been deactivated'

there are times when i slip-edit audio in the arrange window that a message appears on the screen for a short time :

realtime algorithm has been deactivated because pitch or or stretch factor lies outside the limits of the current preset.

i supposed that it would refer to some sort of audiowarp, but the message appears even when i slip-edit a clip that has no audiowarp modifications made to it.

what causes this ?
is there something i should be doing that i’m not ?


Is tha Audio event in the Musical Mode? Is any Time stretch applied?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your reply.

No, there is no audiowarping on the clip, of any sort – time, or pitch. I don’t recall if it’s in musical mode, I will check tomorrow.

this is starting to get really SUPER annoying… the message appears on the screen whether the track is in musical mode or not. it will appear any time i do anything with an audio clip that i’ve subjected to warping – and that includes just moving the clip from one place to the next [i.e., don’t even have to be editing it]. and it KEEPS REAPPEARING, whether i’ve made new changes or not. the message has also popped up – bizarrely enough – even when i’ve edited MIDI tracks. HOW CAN I MAKE THIS GO AWAY ?? to be frank, i really don’t give a damn whether or not one of the clips conforms to some sort of preset, but i hate it when i’m getting up close and personal with a clip and this message appears ad nauseum, blocking my view ! :imp: :angry: :cry:

any help appreciated.

thanks !!!


Can anybody explain what’s going on here? I’m seeing this message all the time when warping also :frowning:

I may have a solution. Well, it has stopped with me and also the crashes seem to have stopped which were happening when I tried to open the wave form in the main editor as opposed to the lower zone editor. This actually started to crash when I opened the midi editor too. Both midi and wave were working in lower zone, just when I opened the full editor it crashed. Fingers crossed it has stopped.

I went into media pool ctrl + p then changed all audio event algorithms that were not Standard Solo to Standard Solo. Many of mine were set on Elastique - Time.

I hope it helps!

I’m getting this message as well in cubase 11

same here…all the time in C11!

me too, in c10.5 and c11
and it is not only super annoying, it is also actually hindering me from working as fast as I should be for my clients, as it blocks my view and also it takes about a second every time I mark a track to warp it.
Can’t believe they haven’t got rid of this in several YEARS!!!

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Just pinging this to add that I’m also getting this error quite often.

I’m only really concerned with how to hide it as it obscures my view of what I’m editing at the time.

The error doesn’t seem to be providing any useful information, the project is fine, it just gets in the way.

edit: I’m on Cubase 10.

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Me too, current Cubase Pro 11 on OSX.