Record the Cubase click to an audio track easily

To record the stock Cubase click to an audio track
I simply take a patch cable out of my headphone jack
on my Tascam US-1641 and patch it back in to a line input
on my 1641. I Assign that line input to an audio track
and record the Cubase click. I’ve been doing this for 10 years
now ever since my Cubase Le4 days. If Steinberg Cubase has finally
figured out an easy way to export the click to an audio track
in say Cubase 8-9-10 etc. for give me cause I;ve been away.

Sure one can create a click track on there own
that’s IMHO time consuming but my way is so easy
and takes second’s to do. It’s just like recording an
audio track. Also you could just record 8 beats of it
and then hit control-D to extend it out.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yea… nowadays, with the newer CB versions, there is no need for the “patch” method. You can render the click to a “click track” as instructed in the link. But thanks :wink:

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Thanks Prock: I’m using Cubase 7.07 I guess
Select Project > Signature Track > Render Audio Click between Locators
doesn’t exist in my version of Cubase at least I can’t find it.
I gave up on this topic years ago but it’s nice to see Cubase
finally fixing this seeing so many members have asked this question.
At Least older cubase members can use my method.
You know I still remember how to use my analog patch bays
Patching from here to there—and this Idea comes from those Days
and my method allows a person to record the Cubase click
in seconds to an Audio Track witch can help speed up
the Musical insperation when the Ideas start flowing.


Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Definitely a good idea for the older Cubase versions. :slight_smile:

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Prock, kind of a related question. Do you know if Is it possible to send the Cubase Metronome Click Out to its own Bus or Monitor? Assuming one has hardware with an available I/O for an isolated click. I’ve just updated to 9.5.30; learning the new Metronome functions.

For the Cubase generated metronome I only know of the method I previously linked to. You can output that track to any output bus you have available.

If you use midi to create your metronome click then I believe you can route that as you want (not 100% sure though).

I’ve only used the method I linked to so I can’t give you the details for how to do it with midi. Hopefully someone in the know will chime in here. :wink:

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F4 (Audio Connections - Outputs) and create a bus, click in the “Click” column of that bus, then uncheck the “Click” column of your existing bus.

Thanks. Most appreciated. Got it. :slight_smile:

I want to try this but, I do not see a “Click” column in my VST Connections - Outputs window. I know I’ve seen that “Click” section in previous Cubase versions but not in what I am running now?

Any thoughts/workarounds? Thanks :wink:

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I think this has always been in every version of Cubase I’ve ever had. I’m currently on 9.5.30 (latest at the time of writing).

Interesting… I have seen that before but that column does not show up in my CB Pro 9.5.30. Maybe there is a view option (like Windows Explore has) that toggles the column on/off.

I know I seen other posts saying the same (that they did not have/see the click column) but, I never paid attention to the replies.

Regardless… I’ll check into it further when I get back to my PC. Thanks for your reply. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Just following up on the missing “Click” column in the Audio Connections Output tab for CB Pro 9.5.30. The option to assign the click for me is found in the Transport>Metronome Setup menu (learned this from the attached link). There is where you will find a dropdown menu to choose what Output bus(es) you can send the Cubase Click to. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you can output it to as many buses as you want. Nice! :slight_smile:

I do find it weird that some users like MrSoundman, who are also running CB Pro 9.5.30, have the “Click” column in the Audio Connections output tab menu and others, like me, don’t. What’s up with dat?

I’m so glad I got involved a bit in this particular thread as it helped this old dog to learn a new trick. Yeehaa!

Regards :sunglasses:

You know, I thought I understood this when Mr. Soundman posted, but I checked and I have no “click” column either.

Perhaps this is because of the very simple hardware set-up I’m using? The only option on the drop-down for my MM Setup is Stereo Out.

Here’s what it looks like on my screen (Cubase Pro 9.5.30).

If you add another output bus it too will appear in the dropdown. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Very strange. That screenshot is from my desktop so I checked my laptop which currently has Cubase Artist 9.5.20 on it, and that also has the “Click” column in the Audio Connections output tab. I’ve never known it to not be there, so I’m baffled by what you guys are seeing. The laptop shows the “Click” column regardless of whether I use the internal audio interface (via the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver) or an external USB interface.

Definitely strange.
Just curious… do you also have the dropdown I mentioned that is in the Metronome Setup menu that can be used to choose the click output too?

Regards. :sunglasses:

It gets weirder: on the desktop, when I have only one bus configured, I see the dropdown just like in your screenshot even though there is only one choice. On the laptop, I do not see the dropdown if I have only one bus configured! If I add a bus, then I see a dropdown and both busses appear in the list.

I have even switched to the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver on both machines in order to have as close a comparison as possible, but there is definitely an inconsistency between the two; perhaps an Artist/Pro difference? Artist doesn’t have the Control Room and external effects/instruments, so perhaps the buss system is therefore simpler.

Thanks for checking and reporting back. I would think that Steinberg would be interested in this phenomenon. Maybe a moderator will mention it to them.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I know Steve has a special interest in the metronome (thank you Steve, oh saviour of the click!) but I see two problems, firstly this post is in the “Older Cubase Versions” because, let’s face it, we’ve gone way off-topic, and secondly I can’t think of any way to make a reproducible bug report on this. If we could define exactly what’s going on here, we should create a new topic in the Cubase 9 issues section.

It’s all a bit vague at the moment, as some users don’t see the “Click” column in F4, there appears to be inconsistent appearance of the drop-down in Metronome setup (2 ? users), and there appears to be differences between how this is handled between Artist and Pro on two seperate machines (1 user).

I doubt this is going to get much traction amongst the devs, and in the end it would have to be reproducible across machines – which may in fact be the key, as everyone will have difference audio interfaces with different I/O numbers. Finally, is this really causing a problem? It may be that these are just quirks across the various hardware combinations, but I think we can all achieve what we want now (in Cubase 9 at least) which is record the click track – the OT – and route the click sound, although the exact procedure may vary.

Yeah… I agree. BTW, I did post something in the CB 9 issues section just mentioning it.

Regards :sunglasses: