Recording incoming MIDI Program Change messages

Hello folks,

I am evaluating Cubase Elements 7 (the trial version at this point), and it is being a little uncooperative. I need to get MIDI into it from various MIDI controllers, and everything is working fine for the most part. The one thing that I really need to be able to record and pass through to my VSTi’s is MIDI Program Change commands, and it just won’t do it for some reason. With a MIDI analyzer, I can see the Program Change commands come out (before entering Cubase), but then they don’t get passed through to the VSTi’s, nor will they get recorded.

The MIDI filters are set to pass everything except sysex. Everything MIDI is being recorded on the MIDI tracks, and passing through to the VSTi’s, except for Program Change commands. I need the Program Change commands to do their job as I change programs from my MIDI controllers.

Can anyone help me understand and overcome this ?

(I don’t usually use Cubase Elements, but)…
I think you may have indeed discovered a bug. I tried recording some program changes, and, while I can see them as events in the Part in the Project window, when I open up the Key Editor, I can’t find them (and they don’t seem to transmit anything).
However, any program changes that I insert manually into the Key Editor, work just fine (if that is any help :wink: )

EDIT: (ymmv on this one)… I simply went into Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filter>Record, and toggled the option “Program/Patch” a couple of times, and it now works ok on recording… go figure! :slight_smile:

Thanks, for giving it a try for me. I’ll try that, too and see what I get. I’ll also leave this in the software problems forum.

Nope. I’m quite good with MIDI, but don’t understand what Cubase is doing with my MIDI Program Change messages.

Is it something isolated to Essentials ?

Still in search of help . . .

Aloha G,
I hear ya and for this very reason I use the ‘List Editor’ and insert all my PC’s

And yes it is a time consuming pita but that way I
know they are there and are precisely where I inserted them.

Good Luck!

Unfortunately, Cubase 7 Elements doesn’t even have a List Editor (nor does it have any MIDI Insert FX, such as the MIDI Monitor, to help troubleshoot this very problem!) :wink:

Keep persevering with toggling that preference item (and hitting “Apply” after each time… maybe even closing then re-opening the Preferences window). It seems that the initial state of that preference is not properly instantiated, but should eventually be o.k., once it “kicks in”.

Thanks, Vic, but are you sure you’re not just teasing me ? Flickin’ and clickin’, clickin and flickin’ until it’s right ?

Yes, that would certainly seem like a bug to me,. . . or a feature ? You, the viewer decide. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why such a simple thing as this would be an oversight for devs like the Yamaha and Steinberg folks.

Either way, I need it to work better than that. Please, someone show me how this works, REALLY.

I did say, in my original reply, that it appeared to be a bug. I merely typed a method that eventually worked for me (because, initially, I had the same problem as yourself with it).
You could try deleting your Cubase 7 Elements Preferences Folder, so that it rebuilds from scratch next time… no guarantees though.

No, please don’t get me wrong. I appreciate your input. I just laugh to myself at the humor of such situations, and I guess I was just sharing that.

I put a post into the Presales and Issues and the other folder, but it seems like no one from Steinberg has seen it yet.

I’m wondering if I will able to do it in either Cubase Artist or Producer (or Elements, for that matter.)

If someone could please run this test, I would have my answer :

If you can send program change commands into Cubase (on multiple MIDI ports/channels simultaneously), and be able to change presets on a multi-timbral VSTi (meaning more than one MIDI channel at a time), and have it not only trigger those program changes, but also record them and be able to play them back, then I will be successful.

I will post this question to multiple forums in the hope of getting an answer from somewhere.

You didn’t mention this before… Are you sending into Cubase from multiple MIDI Input ports? … to a single multi-timbral VSTi? (on the same MIDI track, or several?)

The answer is YES.

Okay, so there’s one MIDI channel per MIDI port, which gives me the isolation I need. Otherwise, I ran into the issue of whatever came in, if it was on a single port, it affected all MIDI channels of the VSTi’s. They’re IAC virtual MIDI ports, and each MIDI channel\track has it’s own input port; 16 MIDI channels, 16 MIDI tracks, 16 voices of a multi-timbral VSTi.

The side benefit of this is that I have more bandwidth for controller information on that single channel, than if there were several MIDI channels with data moving through the same MIDI port.

Isn’t everyone doing this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not if you transmitted on independent MIDI channels, and the MIDI track was set to “Any”. :wink:
Anyways… still working fine for me here (I set up, using Kontakt 5, with two Instrument Banks loaded, on chs #1 and #2 respectively, so that each Instrument Bank could respond independently to incoming Program Changes). I set up two MIDI tracks… track #1 receiving from my Elka MK88, and track #2 receiving from my Ensoniq SD1. I put both tracks into record, and sent Program Changes from each keyboard, manually. They both got recorded ok, and play back just fine… and the Instrument Banks in Kontakt 5 responded ok to the program changes.

This is excellent news. I assume you are not talking about Cubase Elements 7 ?

That, btw, is the exact scenario I’m looking to fulfill. Any more details ?

This was indeed in Cubase Elements 7 !. (the latest). And I reloaded that test project into Cubase 7.5.10, and it is fine there too.
What more details do you require?

That’s wonderful news ! ! !

Would it be possible for you to zip up that project and send it to me ?

I’ll send you a pm, and thank you soooooooooooo much. This really means a lot to me.

Merci beaucoups ! ! !

Done :wink:

Just an FYI : Vic your project works, but I’m still not able to add Vienna Ensemble Pro 5, and have it recognize program change.

I was unsuccessful at it this evening, but I have some more testing to do.

Thanks ever so much Vic.

Using my Project, can you now record program changes into Cubase from your external MIDI devices (and into Kontakt 5, which is the multi-timbral instrument that is already loaded there)?
In other words, is this current problem, that you still cannot record program changes, or that you cannot get, specifically, VE Pro to respond to them (in which case there must be some issue with VE Pro… which I don’t have, so I can’t help you with that :wink: )?

Program changes come in, record and respond perfectly well, and they are properly sent to Kontakt. Being new to the (for me, anyway) new Cubase, I have some missing familiarity with the plumbing of audio and MIDI within. I just need some time to adapt and make observations. I think the thing I most need to clear up is the interactions\relationships between the MIDI\VST instrument\Audio tracks in both the mix console and the arrange views. With your project in its working form, I have what I need to make sense out of it all, and graft my changes onto it. A little replace here, a little new thing there, and the fog will roll away.

Bottom line : your project works, and that’s the important thing. I can now take the ball and run with it, knowing what to expect.

Again, thank you,