Request: Metric Modulations

Hi guys,

I’m finishing up writing a string quartet, and in some of the link section I have metric modulations to move between each section. And somehow there is now way to do this? Or at least that I can find?

I’ve just been copying and pasting things from the font file into a text box to make it look nice, and to be honest this experience is not enjoyable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Go to the Tempo section of the right panel (in Write mode) and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll find the Tempo Equation section. Alternatively type Shift-T and then whatever equation you want, e.g. Shift-T e. = q

Hi, thanks for the quick response. So for more complicated equations, such as a triple q=q? or even more complicated questions such a quintuplets? Am I just missing something

You’re not missing anything. These are currently not really supported. @fkretlow’s free Metrico font is really useful for these; see GitHub - fkretlow/metrico: Font for metric equations in music notation.

Thanks for the help! Let’s hope this becomes baked into the Dorico experience at some stage.