RESOLVED ! VST3 Plugin Presets

OK, this will sound like I’m a total newbie :blush:
I must assure you I’m not. Have been working with Nuendo for a few years daily.
I would kindly ask anyone willing to hold my hand and walk me through this confusion I having just now…

I’ll explain; grabbed some Black Friday plugins, that I would like to use. Talking about McDSP FutzBox and SA-2 DX processor.
These are V6, VST3 and AAX 64 bit Windows versions.
I quickly ran through the presets, checking DSP load, etc…in PT 12.4. Quite happy for $ 49 a pop :slight_smile:

Now, I opened them up in Nuendo ( 7.1.20) and for the life of me I’m not able to pull in any factory default presets .
The installer did not give me any custom file install location. I do have a quite few 3rd party VST3 plugins, and they all load up with their factory preset library lists.

Where do I look, what do I do ?? Why is this so bloody messed up :question:
Is this a McDSP issue, or VST3 implementation in general ( Never seen this with older VST2 versions )
Can anyone give a hand here , please.

So, it looks like I’m not the only one. Apparently the presets are not compatible with Steinberg’s architecture. That would be a truly ignorant move by Mr. Colin McDowell. His native V6 plugins are listed as Cubase/Nuendo compatible.
PT AAX has no problems.
I’ve come across this thingy :

Does anyone familiar with it ? I’m willing to try anything , it would be insane to open PT just to use these two plugins, as all my work is done in Nuendo.

Why OH Why… :angry:
I can clearly see the VST3 preset files here :
yet the plugin GUI has no knowledge of it. Other plugins all work, and these also work in PT.
One interesting bit…if I just save an arbitrary whatever tweak as default…it will go to my documents\VST3\McDSP folder. And will become available !!

Anyone…please :slight_smile:
Support form and a separate email was sent to them, nothing yet.

Your screenshot shows the (32bit) plugin in the VST3 directory. You can either use the built-in preset manager on the plugin or if preset files are actually created check that the VST3 preset directory has been scanned in Mediabay (C:\Users%USERNAME%\Documents\VST3 Presets\McDSP). I don’t have Futzbox but the other McDSP plugins I do have are showing VST3 presets just fine.

That is a very welcome clue, as to what might be happening here , Thanx so very much :smiley:
I now am in contact with support and they are suggesting things that I already know about, and tried .

I am just looking at their download page, are there are no 32/64 choices !

Native v6: Full featured products. AAX Native (32/64-bit), Audiosuite, AU (64-bit), VST (64-bit) plug-in formats supported. Complete session interchange with HD versions.

The installers have no VST2/VST3/32/64 options !!
What version are you running ???
On the SA-2 I don’t really need presets…but in FutzBox is a must !! (I do use speakerphone, it is great as a static plugin. Automation could be flaky )

Going to investigate…

You might be confusing yourself. The installers (from memory) automatically install 32 and 64bit versions. I was just pointing out your screenshot isn’t showing preset directories at all as you’d mentioned but rather the 32bit plug-in directory.

If the plug-in shows up in Nuendo (and is not bridged) then you’re fine on that front. Go into Mediabay, locate the path I mentioned previously and uncheck/recheck to force a rescan. If the VST3 presets actually reside in that directory then they should now show up in Nuendo’s preset browser.

:smiley: :smiley: Right, the installed plugins are in two places. My custom created tests are showing up ! And I do see all the factory presets in the folder you mentioned…Just that in Nuendo the GUI does not access them . :confused:
Now I just have to figure out how to bloody scan a the appropriate folder only in media bay. It confuses me .

I hate that thing…sorry. :smiling_imp:
I’m guessing serious user incompetency here :blush:

Thanx Oliver !!

So then…I’ve did a re-scan :

Where do you go from here ? Did a reboot , still nothing comes up in the plugin to open as preset :unamused:

You mention you can save a preset and it’ll show up. Check to see it’s saving in the same directory as the one you just scanned.

I just installed the Futzbox demo to test. Initially loading the plug-in I showed no VST3 presets so I removed and re-added that folder to MediaBay and now they all show up as expected.

Hi Lemix,

sorry. I don’t have a clue what’s going on, cannot help.
But you mentioned automation with this plug.
Is it reliably working (at the correct timing?) I too have speakerphone installed but have come across some automation problems as well, especially when switching impulses.

I know some plugins appear to have two places to select presets; one that is sort of part of the plugin, and one that’s part of the VST3 “frame” or “window” or whatever you want to call it. So on my Phoenixverb for example I never get factory presets in the VST3 dropdown menu, I have to use the GUI of the plugin (that would appear in every DAW), but once I’ve saved a preset it shows up in the other one instead.

Great question Oliver ,
I don’t know…as I am still in the dark on how to actually read any presets on the plugin and at this point I might just count my losses and going with Speakerphone only. As I only use special treatments on some spots with it…I skip automation altogether and just print to an FX track.

As mentioned above, I also got SA-2 and don’t really need presets for it. Go by ear is OK. Will check automation accuracy later.

**>> likelystory


Thnx Gents ,

At this moment I honestly feel like I’m lost. Admit though, I am not adequately savvy with dealing with these kinda stumbling blocks.
Everything seems normal, I see folders, presets but they are NOT accessible on the plugin itself :

What is the “trick” here ??
I’ve never before had to deal with confusion like this…That Mediabay thingy drives me insane, and have the feeling the solution lies right within it :astonished:
Hint :question:

Well…After hours of relentless searching for solutions I am onto something…
After running out of ideas, I loaded up my long time sleeper Nuendo 6.5.40.
And guess what >> all presets are there :astonished:

Motherf… So I’m starting to question a MxDSP>><<Nuendo 7.1.20 compatibility problem here .
Thoughts :question:

Hmmm… makes me think that when I’m not seeing presets I should be seeing them…

Right you are Lydiot ( :wink: )
It’s a freaking mess :open_mouth:
Someone somewhere is always on lunch break.
Message sent to McDSP, their support thus far was great !
At the same time hoping the Steinberg team will at least take notice as well.

Perhaps it is something in 7.1. I’m still on 7 as I found the UX changes with 7.1 to be a step backwards.

I share the same opinion !!
Dealt with major, unsolvable issues past V7;

After it’s got sorted ( well…to some degree, as my second monitor isn’t recognized on boot ! ) I was running fine until this VST3 mess.


Your demo McDSP FutxBox show presets in what exact Nuendo version ?

And the plot thickens [ insert cinematic suspense cue ]

I was out of my studio for a few hours and that cleared my mind on this chaos. Just opened Nuendo again to double check if that all was only a bad dream . Nope…FutzBox does not see it’s presets.

Then quickly inserted the other one ( SA-2 dialog processor ) and bang… :astonished: There are all the factory presets.
I’m somewhat happy, although in real world use the importance for those ones is minimal.
Guess you see what they both do and agree.

I need to step back now and accept the fact that the fault lies ( very likely ) outside of my ability to correct.

The last 48 hours plays back in my head as a real life suspense thriller.
On the positive side, acts as a refresher into software know how past the normal audio routine.

Just saw this post …
Indeed, there is a Fuzzbox-bug which makes their presets useless.
Didn’t read through the whole thread, but in our case we were able to save presets, but they never get recalled.