Retrospective Record problems after 7.5.30 update

when working with MIDI I use Retrospective Record 100% of the time. After updating to 7.5.30 I’m having issues where Cubase is either not retrospecting recording the MIDI, or, instead of creating a MIDI region of the entire performance, it’s only creating a region the length of the last bar I played in. When that happens, the MIDI information is there, but it’s outside of the created region (when it’s grayed out and outside the region borders) so I have to extend the front of the region back to where I’m able to see all the MIDI.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: out of part borders midi-- my 7.5.2 already does this.

Confirmed here in 7.5.30…it is only happening occasionally but I did see that happen 3 or 4 times yesterday.

The same problem since 7.5.3 updating ;((

I can confirm the same behavior here. Not all the time, but it sometimes only makes a region in the last bar as the op said. This is new since .30 and I use retrospective record all the time as well so it was noticeable.

Phew, glad it’s not just me.

Unfortunately, I’ll be heading back to 7.5.20 since retrospective record is probably my most used key command.

happening for me too… on the plus side… my VEPro sessions are loading in half the time with this update…

Not sure which is worse… no retrospective record, or long load times…

This is also happening for me - I live with Retrospective Record all day, as well - VEP sessions do seem to be opening a bit faster

Hello, If you have problems with retrospective midi, here is an application that does that with smarter approach., check capture midi.

Apparently it is not a general issue because many people do not experience this problem. Till now we do not have a clear cut repro to reproduce. We have idications that the problem is related to MIDI over Lan, IAC Bus/MID Over LAN, Lemur or TouchOSC drivers. Is any of you using MIDI over Lan, or TouchOSC or Lemur?


I am using MIDI over LAN to output MTC to a slave machine, but not as input.
I am using Lemur for controller input.

I have had the issue for some time on multiple systems and I am using TOUCHOSC.


+1 ditto.

Have had big retrospective MIDI record issues in 7.5.20 and 7.5.30, and possibly earlier than that.

Hi Jan,

I’m using MIDI over LAN via VSL VE Pro 5 as well as Lemur via an iPad. Like I mentioned in my original posting, this does not happen in 7.5.20 and earlier. Only with 7.5.30 (and now with Cubase 8).

Could it have to do with using a large template in Cubase? And/or a large template created in an earlier version?

I find it became much worse with lots of instrument tracks in big sessions in version 7.x.x.

Seems like Cubase 8.0.0 still has retrospective MIDI record bugs. In bigger sessions, it’s a disaster. I’ve had to resort to using the [Record] button now on every take and not use retrospective at all.

Ok, Could you please explain to me how exactly you record midi. How is your keyboard connected? How is the MIDI sent to Cubase? Which TouchOSC Template are you using? I am trying to reproduce the problem here.

I could reproduce a problem by using a TouOSC “IPad Keyboard” (JKey Template). If you play notes with it and then use retro record it will not have the correct positions for the notes. Instead they will all be at the beginning of the event. Still i am not sure if this is the correct repro to the problem in this thread. We are investigating further. Please give us as much infomation about the problem and how and when it occures as possible. Please everybody help me to find a working repro for this.


This happens 9 out of 10 times for me. It’s to the point of being unusable. No LAN or VE Pro involved. Just in the box.

On top of that, most often, the MIDI that does get captured is garbled and not as played.

I can take screencap videos if you don’t believe me.

I have my keyboard hardwired via standard midi cables into a midi interface plugged in via USB. I’m using Lemur on my iPad via wifi, but I only use it for Cinematic Strings 2 keyswitches for the different articulations. I’m not using it for realtime performance or with any other instruments. All my midi automation comes from a midi control surface with is also plugged directly into the computer via USB. I have one VE Pro slave PC connected straight into my Mac Pro via ethernet cable (so no gigabit switch). I don’t think retrospective record messes up with instruments inside Cubase for me—only with MIDI outside of Cubase. Also, my template is over 800 tracks of midi and instruments, so I’m not sure if that matters with reproducing this occurrence.

This doesn’t happen to me as often as it does Orchetect, but often enough to cripple my work.

I haven’t changed my setup for years, and like I’ve said, this never happened with Cubase 7.5.20 and earlier. Only with 7.5.30 and now with 8.0.0.

I believe you. The problem is that we need a working repro to have something to forward to the engineers. Only then can it be fixed.

Orchetec, can you explain to us you exact setup and tell us exactly what is happening when. Yes, maybe a screencapture could also help but I doubt that it reveal the source of the problem and only show the effects.

We need to nail this down to a working repro and get it fixed. We are investigating further. Structured detailed information on your setups in conjunction with the bug is what we need in this thread at the moment.

Thanks for all of your help,

Just wanted to chime in that I have the same problem in Cubase 8 (Sometimes there’s nothing in the buffer, sometimes it’s only taking a few notes and then extend their length to the cycle point).
I even couldn’t record midi in time properly most of the time, but after making all iAC ports in-active it’s working as expected (apart from when in cycle mode, then the ending of the region that is putted in will get it’s end extended to the next region on the track)

As a side note I never had problems in 7.5.20 even though the iAC ports were active and I haven’t tried installing 7.5.30, so I can tell if I would have had the problem there.

Hopefully it’s a fix that will continue work for me, and maybe it could be the solution for others…