Return to Start on SECOND Press of Stop Button

So normally, when I am playing back, I click the Stop button once to stop, and then I click the Stop button a second time and it takes me back to where I started. At least in my copy of C11, this no longer happens. I have “Return to Start Position on Stop” unchecked in preferences. I don’t know what else it could be except a bug. Anyone else seeing this?

I use Num 0 for stop so hadn’t noticed, and this behaves properly in that the first press stops and the second press returns to where you started, but yes, the behaviour of the onscreen transport button is different – the second press doesn’t return to where you started.

This has changed since 10.5 so yes, I can confirm, this is a bug.

Awesome, at least I’m not going crazy. Thanks for confirming. And yes, my “0” works as yours does. Guess I’ll use that now.

If you search for “stop button” in this forum, you’ll find that this issue has been identified and acknowledged as a bug to be fixed by one of the developers:

I see this now, but a few days ago when I did, of course, search for the problem before posting, almost nothing came up in the results. I’m guessing they were still in the middle of putting the forum back together. But thanks for pointing me in the direction.

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It sure looks like there are still gaps of what came across or maybe only what’s indexed in the new forums compared to what was findable in the old one’s. – I’ve posted a rather detailed description of this problem and alerted Ben the admin here: Google search for Cubase topics no longer works

If I use the 'double-click on stop to return to start position using my on-screen interface or keyboard then it doesn’t work. However when I double-click on my remote controller (Behringer X-Touch One) then it works as it used to and returns the cursor to the start position.
Maybe a problem with command functions controlled internally in the program, as external midi commands appear to be working fine.

continue here: On the second click of transport stop button, cursor no longer returns to the start position - #20 by Dave_Nicholson