Right-Click menu options missing

I honestly thought I was the only one missing them. I’m reverting to 9.5 to get back the right-click menu. Really would like my money back as this is ridiculous.

On the weekend while giving a cubase lesson to a friend (he still has Cubase SX 3) I noticed that the old right click menue with all tools and functions is very beginner friendly. It is descriptive and self-explainatory. You have the tool, the description of the tool and a corresponding key command - all in one place!!! Then you have a lot of functions in the same place as well. As an absolute beginner you would struggle to find quantize or transpose or timestretch functions because you have to know where to look. You have to know, if it’s Midi or Audio Menu or else. With the old style right click menue you had everything in one place - that was the point!!!
So it’s quite idiotic from Steinberg to get rid of it, from “getting new users to learn Cubase quickly” point of view.
Context Sensitive - yes, but please keep the tools, or make it at least an option.

+1 It’s a total drag, and key commands do NOT replace the convenience of using right-click in many cases. Maybe make the right-click menus customizable like so many other things are in Cubase.

Guys quite the bullshit and leave this kid alone, theres way too much bullshit in these forums so much so that the very original topic / question gets lost and its more about a slagging match, you are all a set of pu$$y holes and need to grow up!!!

This guy makes a valid point, sometimes its actually easier to right click for a menu item, Microsoft Windows had this for years. Does this make him any less professional, NO!!

There needs to be a function in Cubase to customise not just key commands but also mini menus and right click menus. Would help a lot. I use silence, reverse, snap to curser, transpose, all sorts of functions from the right click menu, indeed it is a ball ache now that its gone.


“Professionals use key commands period.”

This is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever read. I can write, arrange, record and mix an entire track in less than 3 hours, and I use the right click menu religiously because its extremely fast and there aren’t enough key commands available for all of the options available in the right click menu. I have it memorized so its extremely quick for me to use. I’ve learned from some of the best as well including Jamie Myerson and Phil Nicolo (a grammy award winning engineer and producer). Phil was going to sign me as one of his artists when he was attempting to start a production company and I’ve spent some time in his studio on all floors, the Euphonics room, his SSL room and the Neve room upstairs. Here is his discography http://philnicolo.com/Phil_Nicolo_Discography.html

So don’t feed me some kind of crap about it being unprofessional to use the right click menu option. That’s the biggest bunch of horse shit I’ve ever heard, in fact its laughable.

You sound like an arrogant asshat that has absolutely no idea what they are taking about. You’ve kicked people out/fired them for using a right click menu option? You’re a complete idiot. Think next time before spouting such stupidity.

As you can see I’ve only made 75 posts in here total since 2011 because I’m too busy making music, mixing my own or someone else’s or doing mastering for someone or myself, but this I felt compelled to reply to. I’ve also been using Cubase for 23 years now. That’s 23 years of experience in engineering and recording, so don’t tell me I’m unprofessional with my work flow.


There’s a lot of “hype” over key commands, but, as I see sessions in progress the mouse and other pointing devices are in heavy use and with good reason. This kind of interaction with a computer program is a highly efficient and intuitive method for working, be it with Cubase or any other DAW or program of any kind. (Imagine if you had to learn 20 key commands to send e-mail, etc).

I love key commands, I have customized many for my personal needs. I’ve started using Metagrid and I-pad as well. I have my controller and that also provides more functionality.

This thread started as a request to restore the right-click “power user” menu. I don’t like the implementation of the so called “context sensitive” choices. For me, that stands. The 9.5 system was more professional, tried and true, long-standing and heavily used by Cubase users at all levels.

I really don’t get it. It is probably just a EnableMenu=1 somewhere in the code. I use Cubase almost exclusively for MIDI. Things I use that menu for constantly: right-click > range > insert silence. Right-click > function > fixed velocity/fixed lengths. etc etc. Currently I’m trying to use Cubase to control an entire stage show. Oh what fun that is when I have to go up to the top menu which I’ve never had to use before to hunt for crap I could find in two seconds with the right-click.

Can I please ask… are we ever going to get our full right-click menu back as it was? I’m not even asking for a date, or a version number - I just want to know.

I find the complete silence very reassuring…

I’m also finding the right click menu frustrating to use. The slide across from Tools to select one takes so much time. I accidentally opened an old project in 9.5 and I was working away instantly noticed my workflow was quicker and thought oh wow the menu is working properly. Sigh I was no longer using cubase 10

same here on a recording session yesterday with my Laptop, which still has 9.5 - way better and quicker workflow than in version 10!

Couldn’t they at least give an option to allow people to design the right click the way they want it.

I have been relearning Cubase for about a year after ditching it around Ver 5. I had just sort of gotten used to the right click menu in 9 to the point where it was becoming ‘second nature’ - and that’s the key word isn’t it. It was very handy for someone like me unfamiliar with all the features and where they were/are in the menus (there is a lot).

I do use key commands but that takes considerable time to learn across different software and in Cubase you have to really know the terminology and the functionality to get to grips with that - again that takes a long time. The right click was a stepping stone which would eventually have lead me to using more and more key commands. I saw it as a kind of guide to teh software many many features and it helped me a lot.

Interfering with peoples fundamental workflow is a rather bad thing to do with any software.
One reason I still like PT’s is that fundamental workflows never change. They still operate as they did 15 years ago. That;s why I became Jedi on that software. If they kept changing such crucial workflow functionality I wouldn’t.

The reason for the workflow is to entice new people to the software. I get it - but surely there is a way users could revert to what they know best.
Dont get me wrong. I can see from Steinbergs point of view that a new users perspective the new right click will work great bcz they don’t know any different. But long term right clickers may have cause to object:)

I’ve just updated to v10 and didn’t realise how much I used the right-click menu until now.

Key commands are the way to go to speed up anyone’s workflow but not everyone wants to be forced to work that way.

They should add an option of ‘simple’ or ‘advanced’ right click menu in future update, i hope.

The right-click menu is still available. You just have to enable it in the settings.

Go to: “Settings” > “Tools” (under “Editing”) > uncheck “Pop-up Toolbox on Right-Click”

Alternatively you can hold the Ctrl key (on Mac, not sure about Windows) when you right-click.

I would be great if we could customize right click menu.

+1 for RANGE menu

Just downloaded cubase 10. Hate the new menu. I’m just trying to give some feedback. i’ll get used to it but I cant understand why you would change it.

Please, Steinberg… Will it be put back, or do we learn to live with it? Just a simple response will do!

Please can we have the old menu back please or at least some sort of customization so we can make it look as we please? I’m having to go back to Cubase 9.5 as this seriously messes with my workflow. I’ve tried to adapt to the new menu but it’s a step backward in my view. If you add to that the new transport bar and the fact that some plugins will only run with windows 8 permissions frankly I expected better from the product. Please listen to your users Steinberg as it’s a real pain paying for something and finding the old one works better.

I’m new to Cubase… I’ve only been using it about a month. Googling ‘show right click menus cubase’ landed me here… Now I’ve got an answer, and a pretty crappy early impression… Since I’m giving you the new user’s perception. Here it is…

This is a really bizarre decision. Not only did it obviously disrupt many people’s workflows, they’ve also made it obnoxiously harder for a new user to find advanced features that often, in fact, typically exist in right click menus in other daws. (Studio One, Logic…)
So Steinberg’s also degraded the new user experience, at least from my perspective.

I’ve worked in various DAWs for 20 years, every time I’ve seen big DAW workflow overhauls for the worse, its often followed by more bad decision making. I won’t be surprised if it’s at least an entire new version number before the development realizes they made some stupid choices. It’s also one of those development decisions that makes me ask myself if a company’s actually trying to improve the product, or taking marching orders from a board of directors. Clearly they didn’t poll users so…

Weird / s***y choice. Add me to the +1 camp.