Right Zone Media Bay File Browser Shows Folders But No Files

Right Zone Media Bay File Browser Shows Folders But No Files
The Full Media Bay Shows Both Folders and Files

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I just got this issue any ideas anyone???

If i remember correctly i had to scan the folders and cubase found and added the files to folders

Which version is this about? I tried hard to reproduce it with C12, no luck…

Version 11 Pro

Thanks for providing version info, I guess you have the latest update C11.0.40.446 … Anyway, it looks that it also happened on one seat in our QA with C12 on macOS (preliminary info), while other testers weren’t able to reproduce it, even with the hardest efforts. I’ll keep you updated.

@allyupo … I requested the Cubase preferences for investigations from our guy in QA, you might also provide them to me (privacy guaranteed):

  • close Cubase
  • in the Windows explorer address field enter:
  • find the “Cubase 11_64” folder, zip it and PM to me (hope the forum supports the size, if not, I’ll find another way for you to send them over: email / ftp upload / etc.)

Joerg,when i get a chance ill try and see if i can remember how i fixed it,it must have been something pretty simple cause i aint that bright,lol

would be great, I want to understand how that can go wrong … there are only little differences between the File Browser and the MediaBay … the File Browser will scan on demand, when the location is not added to the database - but as I can see in the tree, the location you browse is checked … strange … trashing the prefs should solve it, but that’s too brute force … the Defaults.xml stores all the settings for the different MediaBay windows, maybe I could find some filter condition stored when I look into it … it’s relatively easy for me to sort out wrong settings, harder though to guess how they came in .-D …

Joerg i just checked my file browser,i couldnt fix the problem so i just gave up,if i need to listen to anything i go to the media icon and where you see icons for loops and samples,vsti ,browser etc.
Strangely enough there is ONE FOLDER THAS HAS POPULATED using the browser i have included a photo.
In all honesty is need to sit down and figure what media bay is all about,red folders,orange folders,yellow folders,white,i agree with you it is very dissapointing that the files do not populate on the file browser drop down tree,i just got pissed off with it and decided not to waste any more time,hope you can figure it out

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Sorry heres the photo

I added the version info to the tags.

Is the content available if you are not use the “File Browser”?

Yes the conent is availabĺe clicking on media icon,the loops and samples icon .
The content is also available down the left hand side of media bay when i click on factory content etc,

Sorry i dont know what your talking about when you say you added version info to the tags

Forum tags… I added Cubase 11 to it to make clear about what version we are talking.


Then I add the cubase-12 tag too, because it happens on Cubase 12 to me too. :wink:

My version is Cubase 11 pro, maybe Steinberg should be informed of this glitch

Hi all and @Joerg ,

Another thread with the same issues is here.

Maybe you would get the needed information there.

Given that you talked with Joerg, who is a Cubase developer and, I take it from his replies, works on the code of the file browser it doesn’t get any more direct than this. Did you send him the requested Preferences file?


Yes I did.