Rolling back to 13.0.30 - need installer

Hi, where can I get installer for 13.0.30 for Mac? I didn’t backup with Time Machine or kept 13.0.30 installer.

I think I have it in a backup. But I think Steinberg should always keep at least one version behind on the download assistant.

Yes, they absolutely should, but they don’t somehow. It’s possible to download Cubase 12, 11, 10 and so on only

I have the installer for Mac. (13.0.30). I could upload it to dropbox, but the problem is the size (725 MB).

Don’t know if mods will block my link later, but here is a link for 13.0.30 dmg (from my backup):



And to Steinberg - please let us download at least one previous version after uploading the new one, using Download Assistant


Hi, does anyone have the windows 13.0.30? I want to roll back to it too!


On Windows, you can uninstall the update by using the Windows uninstaller.

On Mac, the original Cubase application is always rewritten by the new one.

Why do you want to roll back, please? What issue(s) do you have with 13.0.40, please?

I found a 30 installation in my download folder (…\WIN64 in my case) but it didn’t work. 40 has broken something fundamental so I’m going to have to reinstall from scratchand now Cubase is starting up with Safe Mode option. What the hell is going on? There have been glitchy updates in the past but they’ve really outdone themselves this time.

I don’t think Steinberg has the necessary level of respect for its own product - or its users. One day I’m going to add up how much I’ve - we’ve -spent on this company. We loyal customers deserve better!

I have seen more sensible posts from you, @Crotchety .

So, instead of proceeding by hints, you’d better state clearly what is going wrong, on your end. FWIW, 13.0.40 is as stable as can be, on mine, since I installed it yesterday evening.

Glad you think so :grin: but this update has screwed up my system - lost presets for a start but how can I believe that there aren’t more gremlins I haven’t found yet? Faith in the software is essential but as I have said elsewhere the your QC is just not good enough. C13 hasn’t been out long and we’re already on a 40 set of bug fixes.

Are you Windows or Mac?


Please, see how many topics I read and replay. Then you will get a picture, of whether I look around the forum or not.

If you could provide a specific issue you found, that would be very helpful.

On my side, Cubase 13.0.40 is very stable, with no issues.

Lost presets, mono/stereo icon still invisible in the mixer when using narrow channels. And that’s just what I’ve found so far. And now I’m going to have to reinstall from scratch and hope that gets them back.

Are you Windows or Mac?


Do you mean the Control Room issue mentioned here?

This is not new in Cubase 13.0.40, so rolling back doesn’t help.

Mostly Mac, but I’m using both platforms.

I have a profile that says it all, but anyway : Windows 10 - 22H2.

Beside this, I have lost absolutely nothing, presets related (CR ones included), updating from 13.0.30 : I have just checked. So, something went wrong on your setup, at a point. What more to say, without added precisions from you ?

Because Martin never does that , it’s about speed answers and post count for the next 25,000 target

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Lucky old you…

We can only go by personal experience.
Anecdotal evidence is unreliable, at best.
13.0.10 was unusable for me. So was 13.0.20. But it all came together in 13.030. And now 13.0.40. I still think the changes in the interface are, shall we say, not to my taste. But this edition of Cubase is the most stable I’ve ever used, going back to the Atari days.
So who is right here? The OP? Or me?