Same story again - What was wrong with track labels on colour bckground ??

Same story again… - What was wrong with beautiful track labels on colour bckground ?? How many users reqeust this improvement ?

Now we have this tiny colour strips or (IMO) badly implementent weaky colour track strips in mix console and strangly implemented “selected track colour”

Same story again on each update Steinberg:
one improvement everyone is waiting for
a few novelties that few people care about
several “improved” features that almost nobody asked for
one disaster instead of improvement

while many major improvements expected by users are still unanswered…

C10.5 it’s a fantastic DAW (the best one IMO) but I’am sooo “angry” that you guys from Steinberg are wasting programming resources (and time) on NONE (or zero) requested features …

why we can not to on/off/change/adjust colours simply in mixconsole window but have to open preferences window

Yes not good coordination for the eyes

white/light text on black/dark bg is one of my pet peeves.

Lots of requested features in here. LUFS Normalizing I’m pretty is one feature I asked for in the last survey. (very very useful)

Snap On separate from Off commands

Coloured channels in mix console

better combined edit tool was asked for

video export returned

better track import, including foldertrack import - contains all tracks and routings, etc was asked for. (HUGE FEATURE)

Improvement to Key Commands and specifically Macros window was asked for

ok, I think I exaggerated a bit…

…but this ugly colours :mrgreen:

Yes I’m not a fan,

At least allow us to mix the colours against the black for a darker colour look


These 100% unnecessary changes drives me nuts… 1 step forward 2 steps back in my book.
It “forces” us to use the full channel color option… and even then it is hard on the eyes :frowning:

Are you saying this HAS been implemented? Before I get too carried away, because I’d pay a $300 upgrade for this feature alone. (I’ve only been asking since version 1.)

Yep, 100% agree - when I first loaded up 10.5, I genuinely thought there was either an installation or gfx driver issue going on, because the black backgrounds on the track names (and the panner) look as if there’s some GUI elements missing. The white-on-black text is really hard on the eyes.

While I think the full-colour mixconsole tracks are actually pretty well-done (I wouldn’t want the colours any brighter/more intense) I’m with Carvin Man in that I don’t like feeling lik I’m essentially being forced to use something because the devs have decided to make yet another arbitrary change to something that was absolutely fine the way it was.

Same here!!
And the font size of the track names on the mixer is bigger than 10.0. Terrible :frowning: . If you have a narrow mixer, like I usually do, I have very few characters for a channel name… That black BG on the panner is also really weird.
I really don’t understand how things like that doesn’t get caught on internal testings… :confused:


I suppose it’s more consistent with the project window now.

Well, I haven’t updated yet, but for what I see I really like the new black labels. They are elegant, easier to read and give coherence to the mixer (no more random white or black text depending on the background color, as in former Cubase versions).

In mixer window: how to set any colour for selected few tracks at once ? any idea ?

I did sit and look at that for a few minutes and think WHY! now we have a little strip at the bottom, this little strip slices in to “g” “y” 's etc.

This may of needed to happen as an easy way to give us 2 lines back, which was broke in a certain windows update, I forget which.

I prefer the new look. Text readability was worse when using some colours in the old look. Now you have best of both worlds: consistent text readability and color stripes or a whole coloured mixer if you like.

Yes. Enjoy making some new macros. :smiley:

This is what I call:

  • readability
  • simple selection
  • consistent text for tracks labels and plugins labels
  • colour controls, brightnes and saturation (including selected colours for selected tracks for better information of “what colour have this track”)
  • also moving tracks, selecting colours for many tracks at once etc.

This is not “America discovery” but very old, simple, proven and PRO solution guys.
To achieve this level of control at this rate of improvement you are serving it will take several full versions of C/N guys. (and many $ for us)

This new feature in C10.5 looks like Steinberg just pulled the colored pencils out of the drawer and didn’t know what to do with them …

What is this LUFS normalising.
In my head I’m thinking of setting everything to zero, playing the whole track and then it auto gain stages it ready for work. Is this a thing?

It’s a type of perceived loudness standard. ie, Peak doesn’t really work, you can match two peak values but when can sound much louder because of the RMS and Frequency content. For instance if you were processing snare samples you recorded all very different, some mixed very bright and some mixed for mellow and dark, matching their peak values to make them sound the same volume probably wouldn’t work very well.

So there same goes for entire tracks

this is an offline process you apply to events in this situation.

ProTools may be slow to change, but that’s because they know what works and they stick with it. They get the little things right.

I think PT looks ugly and uninspiring, much prefer new Cubase, just dont like the white on black