I have an issue where re-opening the Sampler Control tab shows
no content in all of my projects. The midi information is there, and the plugin is loaded but the sample control panel is blank and it has no audio output. Where have all my samples gone?
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Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by Sample Control, please? Do you mean the editor of Sampler Track? Did you load (drag-and-drop) any sample?

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

So I have multiple projects where I have loaded an instance of sampler track where I have dragged my samples, edited them and then recorded them into my project via midi but now when I load my projects my samples no longer play. The midi information is still there on the sampler track but in the lower third of the screen, the sample WAV’s have disappeared along with the sampler edit screen.

As you can see I have the sampler track entitled Force highlighted and the midi information selected but in the bottom third where the sampler should be, it’s blank. It shows no WAV file and no editing information. The sampler controls have disappeared. It’s like this in all of my tracks. If I open a new instance of the sampler the same thing occurs. The track is in my project but I can’t drag a file on to it and there are no controls for editing etc.

I updated to the latest version of Cubase but that did not fix the issue. I’m running windows 7, 16 GB Ram, I7 Processor with a Steinberg UR28M interface.


Could you try in Safe Start Mode (clean preferences), please?

Hi, I entered safe start mode (Control, alt, shift) and disabled preferences but unfortunately the sample editor is still not showing up.

Are you sure, you were in the Safe Start Mode? Did you see the Register window at the start?

Do you have Groove Agent installed?

Do you have the latest 9.0.30 installed?

Yes, it asked me if I wanted to register, if I was already registered or if I wanted to register later. I have Groove Agent installed and after I discovered the issue with the sampler I installed the update 9.0.30 from the Steinberg Website but nothing has changed.

Interesting… If the Preferences trash didn’t help.

Try Window > Windows… Select the Project window from the list, and click to Reset Layout.

I’m not quite sure I follow. Can you elaborate on where I need to go?

Menu Window, sub-menu Windows…, please.

Hi, Done that. Still, nothing happened. :frowning:

I followed your instructions and then it asked me to save and restart but nothing changed.

I’m sorry, I’m out of ideas now.

Thank you for trying :wink: