"Save " and "Save as" button

To get the control over the saving process for the user a button for “Save” and “Save as” would highly be appreciated.


We don’t have any plans for this at the moment, but I do understand your concern about the possibility of losing work, and we are certainly thinking about how best to avoid that.

I would also like a save button. It is unfortunately very easy for me, to forget to save if the “floppy-save” icon isn’t on top to remind me.

You don’t need to save manually in Dorico for iPad: it auto-saves every few minutes, and if you minimise the app or return to the Hub, it will save then, too.

Oh. Is this specifically for Ipad. I was referring tp the desktop version. Sorry.

It’s not the point that you can save when you close the app.
Often I will save a special version or save on the fly. This would be much easier with a button. It would be fine to have more control over the saving process.

I understand, but that’s not very “iPad-like”.

We don’t have any immediate plans to add a save button to the user interface of the desktop version either, I’m afraid.

Does the CTRL/CMD+S shortcut on an attached keyboard force a save on the iPad?

Yes, I would expect so, provided you have a hardware keyboard attached.

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I posted a similar request for Cubase in May. I am hoping they rethink their aversion to this feature. Since there are other buttons on the GUI and plenty of room it wouldn’t be hard to program


May 2

It would be nice to have “Save” and “Save as” buttons up in the left corner next to the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons.

Reason; I don’t use the auto-save feature because I like to choose when and how I save my work. The system works OK now because I click File/Save but there is space for these buttons and it would be consistent with other software I use.

Thanks for a great product,

I think this thread is talking about the iPad version here, which is a little different than the desktop versions of either Dorico or Cubase.

Why not just use the existing short cuts ctrl-S and ctrl-shift-S?

I understand, I was lending support to your request by pointing out that Steinberg has omitted this useful feature in their other products. Therefore it appears to be a “blindspot” for them. It may be related to the fact that they think we should all use the auto-save feature. My concern is that they are being a bit too stubborn and it will probably take a groundswell of support for each other to bring them around.

Ricardo: Thanks for the support for my feature request. I hope that there will be a few more supporters, which prefer a user - controll over the saving- process, also on the Ipad. The Dorico team doesn’t seem to have a priority for this feature. For me it would be a big deal to save a score with one click. I have lost some editings because there was no button. The app crashed and the last editings were lost.

At least a Duplicate function would be great within Dorico for iPad without using the Files app.

Apps like Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo does it for example.

The share button already serves this purpose - you can use it to export a Dorico project.


Thank you pianoleo,

I’m hoping to duplicate a project within Dorico for iPad.
It is possible to use the Files app but you need to switch back and force between apps.

dspreadburyWrote: “that’s not very “iPad-like”.” but the reason
why Dorico is available for iPad is that PadOs evolved.

Why blocking a function that would make the workflow easier?

Talking about the sharing button, it’s failed with Japanese characters.

The solution provided by @pianoleo is from within Dorico. You use the “share” button within the app to export to the Files app. It’s the most “iPad like” substitute for the “Save as…” command.

Thank you lucas_r_r

Ok, I see with the “share” button you get a copy of your project.

I was expecting something like Affinity Photo where you don’t need to share to get a duplicate
and Pixelmator Pro who gives you direct access to the Files app.
Both of these apps are available on Mac and iPad for a long time now and are perfectly compatible each other.