Scrollbar Size!

The lowly scrollbar is potentially the single most important UI component of any sequencer.

Cubase scrollbars favor form over function, which is a big UI no-no:

  • They are considerably SMALLER than standard Windows scrollbars
  • The single line that represents the scrollbar track is an outright lie - the scrollbar track is not 1px tall!

As such, Cubase scrollbars are incredibly difficult to use with a mouse.

For proper UI, witness the mixer volume handles - large enough to be seen, grabbed and manipulated easily with a mouse.

Yet navigating your own song is relegated to these TINY little pills?

I would gladly trade some vertical or horizontal UI space for the ability to enlarge the scrollbars to make them useful.

Agreed. In fact, this is already being discussed here:


But the link needs to go the other way. This is the thread that should be accumulating the +1’s not the one in General.



What I can’t understand is how hard it can be to implement both a tiny scrollbar and a normal size scrollbar at the same time.
Have the tiny scrollbar default when looking at the main gui with all default windows. Then when you hoover your mouse close to the area of the tiny scroll bar let the normal scrollbar appear from 100 transparency to 0 in 500 ms or whatever seems to be the natural time flow. When the scrollbar is normal size it can be used to scroll just like if it was implemented and visible as default. When hoovering away from the normal scrollbar it dissapears and gets transparent in 500 ms.

Problem solved.

+1 … again.

+1 Not enjoyable or pro to work with.

There’s actually a scrollbar topic in -here- somewhere. But frankly I gave up on it. SB just doesn’t give a shite about fixing UX problems like this. Even things that are obvious bugs like the colour selector that are just shameful. I don’t know why they don’t value them, but they just don’t.


The MixConsole has a nice fat scrollbar but the main Project Window where we spend most of our time does not?



  • large quantities…


In the meantime, use the key commands to scroll. SHIFT+Mouse Wheel.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad my original post ‘Skinny Scroll Bars Stink’ has come back to life. LET’S KEEP IT GOING!

Let me just say that although the other workarounds are appreciated, NONE of them are adequate for the workflow -I- (and apparently lots of other people) have used for so many years.

Just to refresh, I used horizontal Scroll Bar to -navigate-… ESPECIALLY during playback. You could simply -tap- the scroll bar gently and the cursor moved just a little bit left or right. VERY ELEGANT.

The problem with Shift Mouse Wheel, of course, is that you have to use TWO HANDS, which -stinks- right there. And then also, it’s JUMPY. Not -nearly- as smooth.

And the problem with the Skinny Scroll Bar is that even when you -do- manage to tap it, the -amount- of the movement now is by GREAT LEAPS AND BOUNDS–no longer small and gentle at all.

Finally, there is another linked problem that David Baer and I have complained about for YEARS (although he has been far more eloquent than I about it). It’s sooooo hard to explain, I wish I knew how to do a mini-video of it because I’m sure -many- of you know what I’m on about. It’s the behaviour of the cursor when the window scrolls right off the screen to refresh the whole ‘virtual page’. With the current Skinny Scroll Bars, one very often accidentally triggers a page scroll like this (which is, in itself maddening!) but what is worse is that after the page refreshes the cursor is then right near the left edge of the window so if you try to move back to ‘fix’ things you tend to trigger -another- page refresh which places the cursor back at the left edge of the window but a page full of bars too far LEFT! ARRRRRRGGGGGGH!

The point is that though the issue with that cursor behaviour still occurred when the scroll bars were ‘normal fatness’ the fact is that they -rarely- would occur because the cursor movement was so much tinier and gentler. You were -far- less likely to move the cursor by large leaps.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease re-instate the normal fatness scroll bars… at the very least the HORIZONTAL scroll bar.

Just mentioned. For me, I NEVER use the scroll bar. I’m always using Shift+MW as that suits my workflow better.

+1 Please for larger (i.e. standard) scrollbars. And -1 for key commands instead of mouse operations. If one feels comfortable using key commands is fine to me of course, but I prefer to use the mouse whenever it’s possible.

I don’t think I read in this thread a possible GUI approach that would make users happy (scroll bars big enough to latch on to) and also hopefully make Steinberg happy too (miniscule scroll bars for whatever reason they like them) - adopt the W10 scroll bar GUI where they are virtually invisible until hovered over with the mouse, and then they magically turn into full-sized ones that are ready to grab on to.

Good idea?

+1… again… :wink:

Definitely an area that should be review for improvement.

Those tiny left/right & up/down arrows… ugh! :unamused:


Regards :sunglasses: