See Which PlugIn gives Latency and CPU usage

is there a way to see which plugin in project introduces how much latency and how much cpu usage ??

latency in samples is listed in plugin manager.
There is no way Cubase could list cpu/ASIO use per plug as it depends on your system.

It’s not impossible to implement, however, as I believe REAPER has such a feature in real time. At least, that’s what I remember from the last time I used it extensively, which was a few years ago, so I could be remembering wrong.

Back in older cubase versions turning off a plugin completely bypassed it , that was one way to find out which ones are introducing lots of latency .
Now in new versions turning off a plugin, still gives some latency correct ?
I keep tuning off and on plugins and still have great latency in this project … And I need to record more midi parts and I don’t know which plugins to remove temporarily so I can record with lower latency

The power button on the Mixer and Project View only bypasses the plugin. To completely turn off the effect you have to hold Alt and click. This will remove any latency introduced by the plugin.

Now that’s something new to me . Thank you

In Studio One there is a performance panel which does not only show the latency in ms but also the CPU usage for every single fx or instrument. Very handy. I wish Cubase would implement this kind of simple overview too.

Ahhh… Can’t believe cubase is still so much behind

Thankfully Cubase is quite far ahead where it really matters.

And this would be?

A need to know which plug in is causing latency and need to be temporarily turned off really matters to me. And theres no way to see…

And you were told plugin manager.

Errr…I told you the way to see in the very first answer :confused:

You also realise there is a single button specifically to turn off all latency inducing plugins at once right?
You can even set the latency threshold for it in preferences so those with a few samples stay active.

Strange thing when I press alt in mixer the “sus” button lights up on top of mixer. Have to fight the alt and click few time the plugin power button .

Dont know about the button to disable all the latency plugins .

I realize I almost dont know anything about all this latency and plugins and mixer. Gotta do some learning here

OK. So the button you want is called Constrain Latency Compensation and switches off all plugs with latency…exactly what you need to record that extra vsti overdub in a busy project.

See here:

Thank you guys. Yes in plugin manager it shows vst latencies.

Also, is there a way to see the plugins that are used in a project how much cpu each plugin is using ? So I could know which ones using more cpu and maybe replace them with lighter plugins