Selecting an Event or toggling Musical Mode can make the Sample Editor perform a zoom out


There is an issue where, under specific circumstances, selecting the Event or toggling Musical Mode would cause the Sample Editor to perform a zoom out.

The following steps in bold are critical.
If only one element isn’t fulfilled, then the issue will not occur, or will “malfunction”.
The steps order does not matter, all of these elements must be set-up as stated for the issue to trigger.

Reproduction sequence :

  • Double-click an Audio Event to open the Sample Editor,
  • Place the project Cursor outside the Event (anywhere else but on the Event),
  • Make sure the Event is selected in order to trigger the issue with Musical Mode (highlighted in blue in the project window),
  • Make sure the Event End isn’t trimmed (Clip must not be Split),
  • Set the Zoom Mode to Clip-Based Zoom,
  • Enable Auto-Scroll,
  • Set the Snap Point at least one beat after the Event Start,
  • Zoom in a bit on the Event start so that the rest of the Event goes beyond the screen.

  • Now, deselect the Event (click outside or Ctrl+Maj+A), and Select it again,
  • Or press the Musical Mode button (again, make sure the Event is selected).

Result : The Editor will perform a small zoom out every time the Event is selected or when the Musical Mode button is pressed (both enable and disable), until the whole Event fills the Editor window.

Again, all the requested elements must be followed properly or the issue won’t occur.

musical mode zoom out bug 2

musical mode zoom out bug

Issues list, number 45

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