Shift+ arrow up doesn’t shift in Octaves anymore

Not sure if you know this but also, Shift+ arrow up doesn’t shift in Octaves anymore. I have to do it manually. Coloring channels seems buggy too. FYI


This is another issue already reported and discussed in another thread. Please don’t hijack this thread.

This issue is also shady reported to Steinberg.

Excuse me, Hijack? What?

I didn’t know. I dont have time to browse the forum for every issue. They can just ignore my comment on it.


I made a new thread out of your post.

Yes, it’s totally different topic from the original one. Please, keep the forum clean for other users.

You could use the search function. It’s just a basic rule of every forum. If there is a new topic, make a new thread (search the topic before, if possible), to keep to forum clean and useful (read the Forum Guide, please.). Especially, if you don’t have time, you should keep the forum clean for yourself, to be able to search quickly next time. Maybe you will not believe it, but other users also don’t have time to search in a messy forum.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Btw, if you would search in the forum, you would find: