Since someone brought up the C7 word

+100 for mixer improvement
+100 for new windows management

and I’d like to have a different file naming scheme in the VSTi batch export. Let’s say I have NI Kontakt with 10 instruments loaded and 10 MIDI tracks named according to those instruments, so I want the wave files to get the corresponding track names and new audiotracks, that will be added, get the same names as well. it will be a big time saver for me.

I’m still up for a lyrics track. Better window sizing system, flexible lane editing. Better synths(oh and a decent harp in Sonic SE). Movable frozen tracks and audio channel inputs included in track presets. :smiley:


And some code to stop defaults.xml from getting corrupted 2 - 3x per week.

Select/shift+delete, hides them permanently.

I have trashed my prefs- several times too. And I can testify that it has done nothing good for me. It just screws up my workflow. However, it seems that Steinberg’s and several user’s first instincts when a strange problem occurs is to suggest that the prefs should be trashed. IMO, we need more stable AppData or whatever so that we know that corrupted prefs are not the cause of setbacks in this professional software

And if you want to hide them temporarily?

You can’t as far as I know. :frowning:

Exactly - you can’t. Hence the feature req.

Select/shift+delete, hides them permanently.[/quote]

And if you want to hide them temporarily?[/quote]

You can’t as far as I know. :frowning:[/quote]

Studio Ones track management is brilliant. You can hide any tracks or combination of tracks regardless of track type and save it as a preset. Something like that would be so handy in Cubase imo

plus every feature from Studio One 2,

and please fix the nostalgic window resizing, offer a one window view and window docking

and a trash/rebuild prefs button, can’t be that hard?

please, no new plugins or samples

+1 for more general workflow love in Cubase 7.

lol, it does indeed.

Please read the following thread if you would like to know more about where changes in the next version might be:

I see nothing in that thread that tells us what changes in the next version might be. Care to elaborate a bit?

Hi Jeff

My interpretation of the information in that thread is that there might be some improvements to the VST Instruments Rack such as Global Presets (unlike track or instrument/effect presets) with the possibility of there being something like what was promised a while ago, eg multi-timbral instrument tracks.

I brought up that thread because some of the feature requests lately that I’ve seen have been around track management, since as it seems the transparency issues have been fixed unless I’m missing something.

yeah - all that please, and, an easier way of dealing with (managing) the ‘recently used project’ list, in the Project Assistant. Please.

And, a key command to switch modes inside VA (Segment vs Pitch+Warp). Please.

That’s a lovely piece of artwork Mr. Scab Pickens, did you “paint” it yourself or were you involved in the graphic design in some way?

Two “Brains” are better than one. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Are you intimating that Brains is kicking about the forum again :question: