Skinny Scrollbars Stink

Please share how you accurately get your horizontal position. I have resorted to use shift/mouse wheel to get a “finer” movement but, you have to place your cursor on the horizontal scroll bar for it to work so, for me in the previous versions of CB, it was easier/faster to just click on the (now missing) arrows.

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I use them (…er… rather I did) literally AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 30 SECONDS. They were my absolute fave method of navigation. Yes, I know about key commands and mouse wheel but they are simply not as fast in many cases. But even if they’re a few milliseconds slower, the big advantage? THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE.

For example, now when I access the Instruments Rack? I have to stop and think, because it works unlike -any- other Cubase Window. Why for God’s sake? What is the UX -advantage-? (Spoiler alert: There is none).

I sound like a broken record, but the thing about the left/right/up/down arrows and the scrollbars is that they are supposed to be STANDARD. I don’t have to think about them because they are BURNED into my fingers through 20 years of using Windows, Mac and Linux.

By abandoning them, Cubase is basically going rogue and making me have to use Cubase unlike -any- other program I use.

ONE FINAL RANT: Old guys like me, remember when SX was originally released. Old time VST5 users were -so- unhappy because Cubase was, by 2002, a total UI -mess-. EVERY window looked and worked different. So when SX was release Charlie and Lars told everyone explicitly: SX is a clean slate. It is meant to be -consistent-. There were many complaints that SX had dropped many features from VST5 but Charlie and Lars responded that CONSISTENCY WAS WORTH IT. And I agreed. I bought into it totally! Gradually they brought back the old features and added more. But slowly? The inconsistencies have crept back in and now? It’s almost as bad as VST5. Whatever benefits have been gained from new features? Something essential has been lost. And I don’t get it. There is simply NO REASON (or benefit to the user) for the Cubase UI to be so inconsistent or so divergent from the basic Windows/Mac UI standards. The tiny amount of real estate gained is a terrible bargain for the consistent functionality which has been lost.


Indeed. I too would like to know of your Wu-Tang Kung Fu.

I drag my mouse, holding the middle button.


Just saying…


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Exclusive Wu-Tang Kung Fu in action:

Me too. (except in the Score Editor)

Thanks for taking the time to do that. Sincerely.

But speaking just for meself… ‘the hand’ is as useless in Cubase as it is in Game Of Thrones.

In fact… don’t get me started, but tool switching is another area of Cubase I think could be handled a LOT more efficiently.

I shouldn’t have to switch tools to -navigate-. In UX-land ‘tools’ and ‘navigation’ are two -very- different concepts.

In any event, a definite step backwards. But again, cheers for taking the time to do the demo.


I’ll do that. But it’s a fool’s errand (no jokes please) because the Product Manager will simply come back with “Functions As Designed”

Sadly, there’s no place for “Design So Terrible As To Have Wandered Into Malfunction”. When was the last time you saw -any- piece of software backtrack on a lousy design feature? It usually takes 3-4 =years= before a company will fess up to something like this. I dunno if it’s stubbornness or not wanting to hurt Dave’s feelings or -what-. But SB just isn’t known for admitting mistakes.

I didn’t have to switch tools. I just held the middle mouse button…

Of course, you’re right… I misspoke in the heat of upset. But regardless, that ‘hand’ navigation with the mouse wheel is, for me, awful. If I’m not careful, it often selects another object instead of simply moving changing position. I’m sure I could purchase a mouse with different ‘sensitivities’ but I don’t feel I should have to. The previous standard scrollbars/arrows worked -fine-.



Full size scrolbars are so XP :laughing:
I’m probably the only one finding this an improvement, but I’m on a 2560 * 1600 30"

I can Imagine that on a 4k resolution 19" or 24" they are pretty impossible to work with?
Just lower your resolution, or increase your windows DPI setting?

Thank you for the feedback/suggestion and making that “Wu-Tang Kung Fu” video. I never have been a fan of using the middle finger (well sometimes I use it… :wink: ) as it seems to disrupt my workflow. But, I’m sure it is working for those who like it. I’m going to give it a go again as it seems like this scrol lbar thingy will not get fixed any time soon (if ever).

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I’m getting -slightly- off-topic but I’ve been thinking a LOT as to exactly -why- the ARROWS are so onerous.

MOST of my editing is done while a song is PLAYING. I watch the thing scroll by and as it does I am ALMOST CONSTANTLY listening for edits I want to make. And I find that ‘tickling’ the scroll bars or the arrows is the fastest and LEAST DISRUPTIVE way to move back and forth without disturbing where my attention.

It’s almost like having my fingers on a tape deck shuttle.

HERE’S THE THING: Whereas if I use the mouse wheel or some other technique I risk moving -something- by accident. But with the arrows or the scroll bars, I never risk accidentally selecting another object during playback.

I am sure that the other techniques are FINE when the project is stopped. But during playback? There is NOTHING like using the scroll bar or arrows to shuttle back and forth (or up and down).

The other REALLY ANNOYING thing about the mouse wheel is moving up and down. It always moves up and down one track at a time. I HATE that. I often have tracks open with many lanes and automation. And I want to move up and down in tiny increments; NOT one quantum leap at a time as happens with the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel moves up/down like a rolodex which I -loathe-. With the arrows, I can move 1/8th of a track at a time—which was -great-.

Now I’m sure some other bobkin will come along and say, “Well old guy, don’t you know about ‘X’ technique?” Who cares? Why should I have to learn a new (non-standard) technique? Why re-invent a perfectly good wheel?

In 8.5 it was not “arrows”, per se, but little round nodes, at the ends of the scrollbars, which “bumped” the focus of the project window left or right. I used them ALL THE TIME.

Seriously this is a big deal. I HATED the skinny scrollbars, and, along with many others, said so. So Steinberg responds by not only ignoring our complaint, but punishing us for complaining by making it even LESS usable…

Way to respect your customers, Steinberg.

I’m trying to get used to using Shift-Mousewheel as a workaround, but it (A) requires two hands and (B) requires me to take my eyes off the screen to find the Shift key on the keyboard. I think I could be happy if “+” and “-” could be programmed to serve a similar function (their default function of bumping the cursor left or right has never proved very useful to me).

I agree 95%. But I use the +/- all the time as ‘nudge’ buttons. (In fact, I wish they could be EASILY adjusted to ‘nudge’ by a variable amount–as in video editing programs. ie. you could vary the amount from 1 frame to 1 beat).

But overall… yeah. I’ve gotten hoarse complaining about this.


+1 Scrollbars are way too small.
They should be standard as in all the million other programs


I would like to also propose a function where you hold shift key and can (safely) use the mouse ball to scroll the mixer window vertically and/or horizontally.

Between lack of scroll ball “focus spots” and the tiny scrollbars, nav in the mixer is a PITA these days.

+1 YES