Slur are not copied correctly (through "R")

When you select phrasing slur and use duplication, the slur are not copied correctly (or rather inconveniently) begin to be written from the same note where the previous slur ends, which is not entirely logical and inconvenient. Maybe it’s only me so inconvenient, but for consideration is probably worth paying attention. Thanks! :slight_smile:


This has been mentioned before, so the Team does know it happens, and I’m pretty sure that is not what their intention.

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A slur doesn’t “know” the length of the note at its endpoint, so R doesn’t work in the expected way. This was discussed on another forum many years ago in regard to Sibelius, and no change came of it. Just use Alt-click to copy slurs.

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When you R-repeat a note, the new note starts exactly where the first one ends.


When you R-repeat a slur, the new slur starts exactly where the first one ends.

Entirely logical, but not what you want.


Also now found that when trying to extract the region of eighths and convert to duoli. It only converts the first selected measure, so I have to do it separately. With Dorico’s “Automation” credo it would be nice to fix this too. Thank you! Sorry if this has already been said. Absolutely no time to look for such information on the forum. Dorico team, thank you for a great editor. After 25 years in Finale, you - have applied evolution in the development of this field. Strength, patience and financial success to you.