SmartTool, Workflow, Automation, VariAudio

Good job in C9 at addressing those ‘top 5 user-chosen features’.

Moving on, here’s my take on what should be next…

Falling even further behind in these areas:-

Or, just re-read/assess this thread:-

Also, VariAudio needs some love, with a VocAlign type feature, better tools (note amplitude adjust…!) and more.

100% agree! We desperately need better automation. I would prefer it to be more like FL Studio’s automation, which seems the most powerful, but at least more like Logic or Studio One.

And it would be great if you had more control with vari audio, as in you could draw in pitch like you can in Revoice (vocalign’s heir). Or match pitch, volume, or time with other audio tracks. It would also be great if you could time warp on the time line, without using a separate window. That would make manual adjustments so much easier.

I’ve been asking for a smart tool forever,Steinberg doesn’t seem to get

lets hope someday they do

SmartTool : +1

Great videos, the biggest thing that kills me in using Cubase is not being able to do automation like what was shown with your StudioOne video which is what Pro Tools has done since at least Pro Tools 5. This is the one MAJOR thing that so badly frustrates me in Nuendo and Cubase.

I would also love to see ARA implemented and the Macro editor updated to be able to properly duplicate, insert actions, add a delay between actions and move actions up or down.

+1 for improved existing tools and creating new tools.
unfurtantly cubase 9 lags bihind most other DAWS in the area of editing audio,midi(editing tools) and automation.
lots of clicking and changing editing tools all the time for what other DAWs do in one move :exclamation:

+1 for everything.

A Smart tool like in Studio One is what I’ve been craving for years since I got into autiomation.

I agree 100%. Cubase needs smart tools plus a big overhaul of automation. I´v been using Cubase for many years now and always liked it. But I find myself using Pro Tools nowadays more often for exactly those reasons. I prefer a lot of stuff in Cubase, so it´s really a pity.


I think the trim tool in Studio One is an awful and clumsy tool that can really get in your way from time to time. So I hope for a more sophisticated and elegant implementation.


Of course … why is Cubase so stuck in the tools area? Contextual control is vital!


I’m almost defecting to Studio One 3. The only reason I don’t, so far, is because Cubase still leads in regards to MIDI handling. At least, when it comes to the tools to edit.


+1000 for smart tool, automation with Bezier curves like in FL Studio and colour for whole mixer channel (not only strip at the bottom).

When I watch somebody use clip automation on Protools it makes me want to cry


come on steinberg we have been asking this for years, you surely can make it happen!

I actually do cry. Tears of joy when doing offline automation in Pro Tools knowing this isn’t so simple in Cubase or Nuendo, and tears of sadness when doing it in Cubendo. I’m really quite a mess and not fun to be with during the mix process as a result. I hope Steinberg stops all the crying in the next update. Well see if Nuendo 8 alleviates the tears.

+1 to all of these.