[Solved] Bounce Selection doesn't include parts - WHY?

Quite often I will make up parts out of samples, which I then will repeat and make into larger parts, 1-, 2-, 4-bar loops, etc.
To make up the “extra” space at the end, I usually double-click on the track to create an empty part, then select all the samples and the part, use Audio > Bounce Selection to create a single new audio part which is the right length, and then away I go…

… Except Cubase 6 has changed this. If you do Audio > Bounce Selection it now no longer includes the empty part as silence, so instead of getting this:
I get this:
Audio file for as long as the audio lasted, and then the blank audio part ‘behind’ it. (Scroll right to see the end, audio is selected, part isn’t)

This seems a backwards step to me - the C5 way of working was quick and simple. To do the same in C6 you need to make your part longer than it should be, then cut/trim it to length. Doing it in C5 was a piece of cake as more often than not the locators would already be set to allow the right length silence to be added.

Why has this been done? Anyone else find it annoying?

Yes. I too, am annoyed. More than annoyed, really.

They completely screwed it up. The C5 implementation was incredibly elegant for quickly creating “rendered” audio parts in place. It wasn’t broken and it didn’t need fixing.

Another great feature buried in The Cornfield™.

Yeah, so much for “Edit faster with less (sic) clicks”.

Yes a shame it wasn’t spotted earlier; however, that’s software for you… :wink:

Good news is, it is has been noted and a fix is now in place, ready for the next update - evidently…


Aloha guys,

Perhaps they will fix it.

There’s no ‘perhaps’ about it… It is done.! And already in the next update :sunglasses:

Indeed - so how about a change to the topic title to reflect as such…? :wink:

EDIT…Now posted as new thread. Please follow link


Despite Steinberg’s claim I don’t believe this is fixed (or altered in any way!!)…can anyone confirm?

28081 Audio Part bouncing has been adapted to equal Cubase 5.5 behavior.

Using the pre release If I create a part before or after my audio events & bounce selection I still get one file for the audio events & another short file the same length as the part I created. In 5.5 I would have got one long file which is the required behaviour.

Is there a workaround which will let me consolidate all my files to have the same start point so I can send for mix??

Ummm, are you sure this issue was solved? Because I’ve hit the same problem in Cubase 7.5. It’s a real drag. In fact, Cubase 7 is turning out to be a real drag overall :confused: