(SOLVED) Cubase ic pro crashing upon connection

my app keeps crashing whenever it tries to connect to cubase. im on cubase 13 and ios 17.2.1
It’s also happening with my ipad the exact same way.


Hi @Naor_Hazan

Sorry for my late reply!!

Please give it a try to shutdown your iOS devices.
Does iC Pro works as expected once relaunching the iPhone/iPad and the app?


I have the same issue with my iphone and Ipad, at the moment the app try to stablish connection with cubase the app always crashes, relaunching, re installing makes no difference

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Hi @miguel.hernandez_92

Thanks for your message.
What happens if you fully shut down your iOS device (turn it off)?


@LSlowak no difference at all. same issue with multiple ios\ipadOS devices

@LSlowak any solution? as it is right now its unusable

still nothing changed and the app is completely useless.
this is a paid app. it should have support!

Hi @Naor_Hazan

Please give the following steps a try:

1 - Shut down all running apps
2 - Full shut down the iOS device (turn it to off)

Does Cubase iC Pro works as expected once you’v restarted the iOS device?


for some weird reason that worked

Hi @Naor_Hazan

Thanks for your updated message!

for some weird reason that worked

Glad to read this…


I’ve just had the same issue on my iPhone SE2. After shutting the phone down in now works.

Go figure.

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Always crashes, even after restarting the app, iPad and/or Cubase, PC. Played through all combinations. No success.

iPad Pro M1
iPadOS 17.3
Cubase iC Pro current
Cubase Pro 12.0.70bBuild 464
Windows 11

Hi @Iskander

Please give the steps, stated in our troubleshooting article a try:

Does this help to resolve the problem?


Hi Lars,

I have the same problem after updating my IOS to Version 17
Restarting helps for using ic pro one time but if I get an incoming call or have to switch in between to another app I can’t open it again and it crashes. Sometimes if I retry for 30 to 40 times I can be lucky to open again Mostly I have to restart the iPhone. This can’t be the solution :wink:
Best Mike

Hi @Augustin108

Please let me know the exact steps leading to the crash, and provide me with the crash report via private message,.


Hi Lars,

when I start my recording session with cubase LE Elements 11 and ic pro everything works fine (same wifi-network/ correct installation of the app & ski remote in the studio preferences).
Than if I stop my session or I get an incoming call or I need to switch to another app on the iphone and what to get back to ic pro - the app crashes and I cant continue with my session. What always works is if I restart my iPhone. But this cant’t be the solution. Sometimes if I try to restart the app after 30 to 40 trys it connects and works again. Very strange…

Best regards!


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I don’t think this is really solved, just “workarounded”.

Restarting the iPad was helpful - until I tasked switched over to TotalMix Remote. Now Cubase IC Pro will not start - or starts and immediately vanishes.

If I close TotalMix and toggle WIFI off/on, that seems to help. And as long as I don’t close Cubase IC Pro, it’s all good. But if I close it, I have to do all that to get it going again…and even then it takes a few tries before it will start. But it is much quicker to close other apps and toggle WIFI that full on restarting the iPad.

I have been using this for a few years with no issues - I’m guessing Apple did something to break it.

Same issue with either Nuendo 12 or 13.

So, if you get the app to start, don’t close it. :wink:

The only way for me to get this to work is as follows.

  1. Turn Off Wifi
  2. Launch IC PRO
  3. Leaving IC PRO running in foreground (on ipad) swipe down top right and switch back on your WIFI. IC PRO will now reconnect!

This is the only way i can now get IC pro to work. Exhausted every other options!

I have the same problem. In my opinion if i must turn Off the iPad or the wifi it is not the clearest way to solve the problem. You know if there is an update coming soon?

Hi @Muzik4Life, Hi @Jordi_Clemente

Please give it a try to fully shut down your iOS device, as described in the following Apple article:

Does Cubase iC Pro work as expected, once you’ve restarted your iOS device and Cubase iC Pro?