[SOLVED]Layout Options Shortcut not Working? Ctrl+Shift+L

Good morning! (For me anyway.)

I have an odd thing happening to me. Ctrl+Shift+L does not do anything for me. The Layout Options won’t open unless I click on the gear icon in Setup Mode.

I have checked that the shortcut is saved in Preferences, I have tried Default keyboard setting as well as English, and German, but no dice.

I can use Ctrl+Shift+E, Engraving Options opens fine, C+S+N gives me Notation Options, but I can’t get the Layout Options shortcut to work.

Am I alone in this? Odd.


Dorico Pro v.
Windows 10
i7 processor, 32GB RAM.

Is Ctrl-Shift-L assigned to something else?

I have the same problem. I downloaded a keyboard test program and found that combination returns nothing. Ctrl+Shift+O doesn’t work either. I thought maybe it was just my keyboard. Now, I wonder if something in W10 is causing a problem.

Found it!! The Radeon graphics driver has taken it.
Call up Radeon Settings. Go to Gaming > Global Settings > Performance Monitoring
Click Toggle performance Logging Hotkey and hit


Yes! Well played, sir.

That fixes C+S+O as well.

Thank you for being more patient than I.


Thanks so much! This has been driving me crazy.

Wow, this solved several hot keys that I though just weren’t working despite my best efforts to fix the problem.
Muchos gracias!