SOLVED "Some audio files are missing" error in Halion Sonic 3 😢


I’ve installed and reinstalled several times full Halion Sonic 3 downloaded with the Steinberg Download Assistant. But I’m getting the same error, time after time.

I saw a forum post by a user telling that it can(?) be solved if reinstalling to C:/ drive only. I can’t install to C:/ drive as it is a 27GB content.

So, any solution to this problem? I can’t contact support as I’m in Trial mode for Halion Sonic 3.

Please help.


It is kind of hard to fully demo the product when some sounds will not load.

Unlike the from some other forum participants that had a problem with missing sound libraries, I do not get such error. I’m just getting the “Some audio files are missing” error.

Check the attached file.

As I said, tried to reinstall everything twice, but the same error appears. Bot in DAW and standalone mode. Tricky because Steinberg won’t accept a support request as I’m in demo mode.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


What worked for me is to run installers for both Halion Sonic and HALion Sonic 2 as well.

Open folder with installation files and navigate to ‘HALion Sonic 3 >> Additional Content >> VST Sound’ folder.

In there, find and fire up following installers:



It seems that (sometimes?) installing Halion Sonic 3 alone will NOT install the content from previous versions.

So, this worked for me.


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Wow, this solved my problem. B-Box complained about missing samples but aexecuting the HS1/s installers manually worked.
I have no idea why they don´t fix this automatically during the installation, but a big thank you!

You’re welcome, glad to help :slight_smile:

Reinstalling everything I can find to reinstall, I can still not get hold of 4 missing vstsound files.

These are the ones with IDs

They don’t exist on my PC anywhere.

Does anyone know what they are a part of? Specifically what package they actually came with?
Halion Sonic SE / SE Pro complains about these so I assume they should be there.
Have they been superseded by later installs? Something must have taken them away.
I’ve been upgrading since Cubase Elements 8 but now have Artist 9.5 with full Halion and previously Halion Sonic (after the included Halion Sonic SE).
Can I get just those files from anywhere please?



are part of the Cubase x ‘Additional Content’. They can be found in the various Cubase installer ‘Additional Content >> VST Sound’ folder.

:smiley: Thank you - this was all solved by searching for backups of old installers, and either reinstalling (with later updates - in sequence) or taking out wanted files from the extracted install folders.

I noted that some older vstsound files could not be managed as I would have preferred using the Library Manager and always re-installed to the fixed default location. This meant that I then had duplicates of many files in different places, and library manager identified and selected the ‘wrong’ duplicates to delete. Manual move/delete was necessary.

Moving these files in some cases then forces creation of similarly named shortcuts when the files could not be found where expected in the old default locations. This is OK since I just wanted the large vstsound sound files all on a separate drive. The *_presets.vstsound don’t take up much room and previously I had left them in default locations.

Thanks for the pointers to help me out.

You’re welcome, glad to help :slight_smile:

Just seeing this now but thought I would add that rather than uninstalling, reinstalling of various versions of Halion Sonic, or renaming databases as I saw in another thread, that what worked for me (after finding some “missing audio” after moving all my Steinberg libraries to a new location that initially seemed all was good) that I right clicked on the problematic instruments (a few pianos in this case) and saw they were either Raven or Eagle ones. I just went to the folder I had all the Halion library sounds in and double clicked on the Raven and Eagles ones (there were a couple or several for each) - some said they were installed but some did refresh. Went back and tried the sounds in HS and all good. Hope this helps someone and saves a bunch of possibly unneeded uninstalling/reinstalling.

OH CRAP - I have the same issue and I’m losing it…
I get the “HALion Sonic SE Pro Factory Presets not found”.
Tried to reinstall Haloin SE - didn’t solve the issue.
Can’t find the files you guys mention here.

:frowning: :scream:

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I’ve got the same problem but with a mac…
Do you have an idea of solution un that system ?
Thanks :slight_smile: