Some Cubase 12 teasers ? ( tired of netflix )

so this year its unusual update in many ways,
new licensing system , jumping from 11 straight to 12 , the update is delayed significantly etc… some users are waiting and anticipating and got weak and sick because of this (little bit cynical )))… what about unusual pre released teasers for cubase 12 just as relaxant pilis ?

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no C 12 estimated release time ?
lot of people make assumptions here and in social media about its release date, some say February , some april, june, november !!
i think Steinberg should announce an approximation date/month of the release (probably the beta is on its finish state so they can approximate !? )cuz its not a " regular "release this time

I mean they did say that the first software to adopt the new licensing system would be Dorico 4, followed closely by Cubase 12.
As Dorico has been released 2 days ago I think february/march is quite likely.

I think it is going to be earlier- I think Cubase 12 is ready for release, but the are testing the new licensing with Dorico which is low impact if there are issues. I think if they are satisfied with the licensing, the will release the Cubase beast.

:popcorn: :cup_with_straw:

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please don’t be so loud, i can’t hear anything

i finished squad game (netflix) Do u recommend another .?

There have been a few teething issues with the public rollout of Steinberg Licensing, though my impression from the Dorico forum is that many issues have already been resolved. My upgrade from Dorico 3.5 Pro to Dorico 4 Pro went smoothly.

I am sure Steinberg will take the time to learn lessons from this relatively limited rollout and implement any fixes. After that, I expect the Cubase 12 release will follow fairly quickly.

I think NAMM is more realistic. (3 june)

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well, already in this thread we have big diversion by months with assomptions . i think it will be released on february !

maybe ill change the start screen of cubase 11 to cubase 12, just to feel better :grin:

Oh, that’s so 2022.


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Well, I guess I can say that the release date really is unknown, even to those with an NDA!


I really laughed with this one!

:thinking: Wonder why?

I don’t know what you meant bythe comment, but in my own mind, reading the forums here (Cubase and Dorico), well… how to put it gently, my English is not good enough, I think at times that the Dorieis (doricians? doricans? dorians?) are the High Elves while we Cubasers are the Orcs. :rofl:

We Cubasers can riot for something as small the Default Color Set setting the whole city ablaze, while they can sit there in the middle of a software storm calmly and just respond “I see.” “Ah, it will be solved promptly.” “Nothing to worry about then.”

It struck me as a big understatement. Sorry if you took it the wrong way, I apologize.

No I didn’t take offence. I do understand your point, but I don’t think it is the case. I think the new licensing thing is a big upgrade for Steinberg. It need to be right first time. I do also think that Cubase is much more “mature” software, not so easy to make major changes as we would like. Dorico is relatively new. Might have been designed from the ground up with better programming practices, and they is why they can get updates and features quicker.

I do hope and pray, that Cubase 12, since there was no 11.5, and a lot of time passed, that we will get a lot of the features we need/asked for. Since the grace period started 2 months ago for Cubase - I can not see it running much longer. Grace period will normally not start before software is ready for release. I think the time spent from grace period to release is used to setup the release logistics. Manuals, videos, websites etc. Getting all the partner’s content etc. So yes, I believe Cubase is ready to go. Dorico programming team is not Cubase Programming team, but I think the both share the Steinberg Licensing team’s API. If the Licensing team give the go-ahead that the system is stable, and capable of handling the load. Steinberg did say shortly after Dorico.

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Take my money. I’m ready to go dongle free and with free time to explore it new features.

Bring on Steinberg.

Actually I think I got I good idea while we staring at the computer waiting for some cubase 12 news.
While we wait for it to come out, why don’t you Steinberg get Greg Ondo to do a video demonstration of Cubase Pro 12 on YouTube channel? Even before you release it😉
It would make our weekend much better tho.
Go on, get Greg in action. 3 hours of dongle-free Cubase Pro 12

This gives me at least 2 yrs to worry about upgrading. It will be C 14 before the mess clears

Mountain Steinberg , its about cowboys playing and things like that (with cubase)

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