Yeah, just watched that a few minutes ago, guess you got the email too :smiley:
The site isn’t working for me or I’m too tired. Will probably upgrade in the next few days though. Glad they got rid of that crappy Kontakt Player :imp:

I just did! Massive d’load… :confused:

Glad they got rid of that crappy Kontakt Player > :imp:

Yes, looking forward to test driving the new player. My first challenge will be with slaving it to Jamstix 3.3 …

I’ll buy it, if he promises to never sing in public again.

Sounds good, might have a look at the cheap version :slight_smile:

Hi Sherz - you probably know about this, but maybe a few sheckels saved if not: .

By the way … how would you rate the JS3 samples? They’re the only ones I have, and are fine for the work I do, but I’ve often wondered how they sound compared to some of the other options out there.

Thanks -

I actually upgraded from EX3.5 for $49 :sunglasses:
The stripped down EX version is more than adequate for my needs and you can of course add expansion packs later if need be.

Nobody here likes the JS3 kits that I know of - particularly the snares. In fact nobody here likes SSD3.5EX snares either! I’ve used pretty much all of them and they’ve nearly all been rejected by the tough crowd over in “Made With Cubase” at one time or another! :open_mouth:

I’m now looking forward to seeing how many of my new SSD4EX snares get the thumbs down! :laughing:

Personally, I thought the JS3 kits were OK. They sound like drums to me…

I wonder if people were byeotchin re: the older JS drum kits. The new ones in JS3 are supposed to be a lot better. Not that I would know, I have dreams about waking up one morning and finding my ears have turned to tin.

Signed -

Cardboardius Auricularus

Crashed and burned! :imp:

of course… :unamused:
I often wonder at how frequently this kinda stuff never works first time. It seems almost inevitable that you have to waste at least a day of your life tryna make stuff that should be straight forward work properly.

Actually, when I think about it the whole process from the moment you decide to make a purchase is so often messy and overly complicated I reckon. The hoops you have to jump through before you actually get to download anything, then the installation itself, and then actually making it work afterwards. It really does my head in sometimes. :confused:

I feel your pain…

But I’m sure you’ll get it to work, eventually! :slight_smile:
Good luck!

I just did!

Jbridge is my friend… :wink:

The Slate site is all over the place; crashes, wrong product, charging me for upgrading the product I have to the product I have etc. They’ve lost a sale :unamused: I’ll actually check Jamstix 3 now.
I’ll stick with EZ and Addictive. No fuss sites that give you what you want with a couple of clicks :sunglasses:

I must admit I thought the demo vid sounded like Sampled Drums being played from a MIDI Kit :confused:

Yeah, he didn’t really put much dynamics in his playing, or there are no clear velocity layers in the samples.

You have distilled the problem down to it’s essence. Drums sound like … drums. If only drums sounded like guitars … no one would complain … except maybe the guitarists (but that goes without saying). :wink:

I think Ian could raise John Henry Bonham from his grave, get him to collab on a song and everyone would still say his snare sounds like KLONK. :mrgreen:


You might be right.

I, for one (apparently the only one :wink: ) never had a problem with Ian’s snare choices … nor any problem with anything else in his productions. :sunglasses:

Actually, I’ve just remixed a track using SSD4:

  • just to give SSD4 an initial test drive as it were - they definitely sound better than anything I’ve used previously and I think compare very favourably (to my ears) to some live drums that featured on some recent tracks I recorded professionally late last year. JS3 & SSD4 will certainly be my combo of choice from now on :slight_smile:

Some of my regular critics seem to believe otherwise! :laughing: Or, at least drums are supposed to sound only a certain way that completely eludes me. Snares in particular - apparently they need to sound like something that is NOT currently in my already vast collection of sampled snares. :laughing:


Certainly better than the SSD4 Demo, probably due to the music, still not totally convinced, mainly the kik, toms and a bit of hi-hat. Don’t know quite what it is, the kick at the start of the tune. Anyway they are fine and I’m being overly critical. I’ve recorded a lot worse :laughing:

OK, great! :sunglasses: