Steinberg UR44C will it get ohm250 loud enough

I own both dt990 and dt770 ohm 250 headphones and I’m thinking about getting a steinberg ur44c but idk if they will power 250 ohm headphone nicely or if the volume will be too low.

I also want some headroom so I can get volume pretty loud for any genre, old bad mastered tracks, hear everything loud and clear in cubase etc

And loud enough for both open back and closed back obviously

You get the deal, any insight is appreciated

This is widely covered by many other topics. Use the search function.

I haven’t found a single answer for UR44C when it comes to this, also this answer doesn’t help too much.

This took me 2 min.
I answered on some of the topics.

Amazing so I guess you have the UR44C?

I know it says that it can handle 250ohm but even my focusrite 2i2 solo gen 2 can just the volume isn’t that loud. Will I geat headroom so I can always get it really depending on genre, old bast mastered track, when I’m composing in cubase and stuff like that?

And yeah I have both openback and closed back

Also are the headphone amps clean?

And when I searched I tried writing 250 ohm and that’s not exactly what was written in the topics.

The UR44C comes with power unit too right?

I’m sort of deciding between this and a focusrite carlett+ pre2

You are not comparing apple-to-apple here… the clarett series are over twice the price of the UR-C series (with similar I/Os). Even the pre2 unit with about half the features (IOs) is much more expensive than the UR44C.

But if you’re willing to pay the significant premium for a Clarett, then yes you will have much more power headphone amps.

Don’t be confused by the Scarlet series however! It’s more comparable to the UR-C price-wise, but here the UR-C is offering a bit more headphone power than the Scarlett (but less than Clarett).

what about 250 ohms on UR44C I kind of don’t want to waste money if not needed, I’m not a singer or anything like that. So I literally only need good headphone amp from an interface

Sufficient power is a subjective thing.

My 2-cent: if you need more power than the URC can provide, you will damage your hearing.

If you insist on it, or to be sure of not regretting anything: Go for the Clarett. I was too cheap to go for it, but it is something else…

I kinda wished clarett had loopback

Their documentation is limited, but it does.

Would you say that the ur44c has enough headroom for 250 ohm both closed and open back?

Like will I find that it gets loud for every genre of music, dynamic music like orchestral tracks, classical etc?

OK, I try it again…

Most modern headphone amplifiers in audio interfaces are able to drive 250 Ohm headphones with enough power to exceed sufficient volume.
It depends on the headphones how loud it gets.
The Beyerdynamic headphones are all loud enough for 95% of the use cases.
At the end, you have to try it out for yourself.

Thanks so based on this it seems like I don’t have to worry and just make my purchase?

That means you should test it.

Wish I could but all music stores got shut down like 2-3 years ago in Sweden. Everything is online.

UPS, FedEx, DHL all operate in Sweden as well.
Thomann or Musicstore for example have a 14-day return policy.
I bet there are shops in Sweden with same possibilities.

From the level of concern you express in this long thread, I get that you most probably won’t be satisfied with the loudness of the UR-C, so in doubt, you should get the Clarett+ which is much louder.
But if you operate too often / too long periods in the louder end of the volume, beware that your hearing will degrade significantly. (sadly talking from experience here!!)
My friendly recommendation would be still to get the UR-C and get used to its volume level, but I bet you won’t be satisfied with its loudness in some situations.
It’s now up to you to figure how critical this is for you.