Strange Screen in Cubase 12

Hello everyone,

Have any of you encountered this situation where the VST is presented in a large window over the interface.

These two VST Instruments from NI appear on the screen and they are the only instruments of the Komplete 13 suite (not ultimate), the others are normal. The Komplete suite is up to date, it was done today.

As for the FX VSTs, Bite, Choral, Dirt, Flair, Freak, Phasis, Raum and Replika from the FX suite are in the same situation.

GTune from GVST and SSL Comp from Waves’ SSL suite are in the same situation. This doesn’t seem to be just a Native Instruments related issue.

My NVidia graphics card is up to date on Windows 11.

Does anyone have any idea about this situation?

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It’s to do with the window being sized to fit the quick controls (press the QC button to see them). It’s a known issue, or possibly feature.

You’re right. The QC button has readjust the screen.


I have the same issue since updating my NI instruments to newer (VST3) compatible versions 2 days ago. And with that I encounter now several freezes where I don’t even see the content of plug-in anymore. Somehow I run into those issues in Cubase and also Wavelab. Very annoying. Can’t reliably work anymore. Thinking of going back to 12.0


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Hi again,

I found a workaround to at least be able to load my project properly in case the last state after saving the project was such a “Freeze”-Screen (while a certain plug-in e.g. Super 8 was still opened).

I’m working with a multi-screen setup (3 Screens).

  • Deactivate all but your main screen before starting Cubase 12.
  • Open Cubase and load (faulty) project. It should be opening fine.
  • Save the project.

Activate all of your screens again.

  • Load your project which you saved in the step before. It should now open properly. I also tried to open the faulty plug-ins again and they open now fine. Don’t know why this worked out.

Please let me know if this also solves temporarily your issue.

Kind Regards

Paddy, I haven’t investigated this issue further. In fact, I have been using Cubase version 12 since the day it was made available and I did the latest update to it. However, its use has been mainly dedicated to mixing all this time and I only mix with audio tracks, so no VSTi and with mainly Stock Plugins, a few Free Plugins and a few 3rd party ones.

It’s only today that I encountered this kind of window for the first time and clicking on the QC button seems to have solved the problem. This kind of thing had never happened with version 11 or otherwise, at least for me.

I encountered some screen freezes during certain mixes, however only one of my two screens and without musical interruption, the one which displayed the project window. The 2nd screen showing the mixer was working normally while the other one was frozen, but for some reason I don’t know, all of a sudden things were back to normal, the vertical bar in the project window was recovering to scroll. No crashes. Save the project, quit and reopen it and everything works.

For the moment, Cubase works, even if there are certain anomalies like the one I have just described. I save regularly, you never know.

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I’ve got the same behavior with some Roland Cloud VSTi
No freeze, but a large window over the interface.
It’s more than annoying, I’m back on version 12.0.0


Martin posted the solution here. Maybe it also helps you.

Best Regards

Hi Ricahrd,

I think it’s a problem, but definitely not a feature. Here is the list of Steinberg Plugins where this anomaly appears and where the QC button does not change anything:

VST Ambiconverter
Soft Clipper
dj EQ
geq-10 & 30
VST Connect Cue Mix & Monitor
RoomWorks SE
MixConvert V6

I believe that versions 12 and 12.0.10 have a graphical representation problem for some elements of the software. Another anomaly that has been reported before and that I occasionally encounter are misaligned gray lines under the Racks Sends bar in the Mixing Console window. Another anomaly which has nothing to do with the graphical aspect of the software and which still exists with version 12.0.10, is the impossibility of double clicking on an empty project in the Project Assistant window.

Well, I don’t want to grumble unnecessarily about these little issues, but I hope these irritants are eventually fixed in future updates. Let’s say that at the beginning of the summer, it would be nice if Steinberg provided an update that will address the majority of the irritants that users have raised since the release of Cubase 12.

For now, Cubase remains very functional for me, but I have to be vigilant and save regularly.

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Thanks Paddy,

I searched Windows 11 services for this Nahimic service, but it doesn’t seem to exist in my system. Could it be related to some component that does not exist by default on the motherboard or a sound card that I do not have or something else?

In any case, this service is not the cause of frozen screens being non-existent.

All of this does not happen on a regular basis. It’s a bit random. I must clarify one thing, it is not the screen that freezes, but rather the project window stops moving forward, the vertical line stops moving in correspondence with the timeline while the mixing console window continues to operate normally. Is this a screen refresh problem related to the software? Honestly, it’s a bit incomprehensible to me, especially since I can work for more than an hour without it producing anything and all of a sudden…

I believe that Steinberg still has a lot of work to do to fix all these anomalies. Let’s be patient!

Hello Rene,

maybe what we now observed are several different issues. For me the solution provided by Martin from another Post worked like a charm. Fyi in the meantime I also identified where suddenly the Nahimi Service was coming from.

I updated recently my realtek (mobo) soundcard driver to be able to see the stereo mix (as input) again. Windows 10 updates will sometimes remove this feature without warning. Afterwards you have to reinstall the soundcard driver. And with this package there’s also an app installed called “Sonic Studio 3”. This installs the Nahimi Service which then will irritate Cubase 10.0.2 for some reason, we currently don’t know. I would like to know exactly why this service is clashing with Cubase?

Kind Regards