Stream Deck macro keypad

Mads, do take a look at Notation Express (linked to a couple of times further up this thread). It’s much more fully featured than Dan’s profile and, whilst it depends on some custom shortcuts, a) the keycommands file is provided and b) it doesn’t need AHK or any other external apps.

Sorry to advertise :wink:

So that’s what AHK means… - got it, thank’s :wink:
But NONE of the KC works - not even the ones that are standard (e.g “shift I” for intervals…) :confused:
I can see that stream deck is connected because thing’s happens when I have for example Firefox in foreground…

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. :wink: I reprogrammed a lot of shortcuts. For example, I set Q to open the intervals pop over.

Honestly, pretty much all you get from my profile is the icons. The idea is to show users some ideas, and let them set it up however they want. That’s why you definitely should look at purchasing Leo’s.

ok - got it…
Very nice icons btw…
Thank’s :slight_smile:

I’ll do that!
Thank’s Leo :slight_smile:

I don’t get it…
Dorico doesn’t accept ANYTHING from Stream Deck - not even a simple F10…
SD works fine in other programs. I drag a hotkey from the right side of SD, assign it to something, have Dorico in the foreground… - nothing happens…
It works in Sibelius.
What am I missing ?

Have you tried the good old fashioned restart yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mads, under Preferences–Profiles, is the Dorico profile set for the active window?

Yes, and SD changes to the Dorico profile when Dorico is in foreground (but only if the SD control panel is closed)…

What happens if you set your Dorico Stream Deck profile to be the default Stream Deck profile?

same thing… - nada :frowning:
f.i. I programmed shift Q - when I’m in this window writing to you and press the icon 4 times I get QQQQ.
But in Dorico - nothing… :confused:
I tried in Sibelius and it works there…

Is Shift+Q (typed on your keyboard) giving you the chord symbols popover within Dorico?


Thinking slightly outside the box, here, do you still have a previous version of Dorico (such as 1.2) running on your machine? If so, have you ensured that the “Dorico.exe” that Stream Deck has access to is the correct one?

I had that thought too but I AM sure… - it’s the right app. I checked by right clicking the Dorico icon in the bottom of the screen and made sure it is the same location in SD.
Btw - thank you all for trying to help me out :sunglasses:

ADD - if I haven’t misunderstood I would think that SD operates on any app that’s in the foreground… ?

SOLVED! :smiley:
I’ve been running Dorico in administrator mode - when I change that to user mode SD works!
Maybe it’s Dorico, maybe it’s SD - anyway… - on with the works!
Thank you guys again :slight_smile:
ADD - it’s not Dorico - the same thing happens with Cubase. Guess Stream Deck doesn’t like admin mode… :unamused:

A quick note: I have bought Notation Express and have adapted it to the German version of Dorico (for Windows). This involved a few changes to the keycommands_de.json file (where Dorico stores the user-defined key commands) and to the Stream Deck profile itself (because the German Dorico uses several different shortcuts like Ö instead of ; for triplets etc.). Philip R has a copy of these files, so if you’re using Dorico on a German Windows installation and buy Notation Express, just ask him about them.


P. S.: I just hope they’re not going to release too many updates because it’s practically impossible to diff/merge Stream Deck profiles. All edits have to be made in the Stream Deck app manually :wink: (if anyone can prove me wrong, I’d be glad to hear it, but so far my efforts have been frustrating because the profiles are stored in zipped and nested directories whose names appear to be randomly generated UUIDs, so comparing two profiles fails spectacularly…

MarcLarcher also adapted the Notation Express for Dorico Stream Deck profile for French Mac keyboards, and Philip can make those files available on request, too.

(I have them safely stored, but I don’t know who has or hasn’t paid for Notation Express so I’m not in a position to distribute them.)

Tim, you’re absolutely right about the internal structure of Stream Deck profiles. I spent a good few hours attempting to port the Mac profile to Windows, outside of the Stream Deck software, figuring it would be quickest to Find and Replace a whole bunch of key codes. It all proved fruitless: I think there might be a checksum that ensures that all changes are made within the SD software.

Thank you Tim and Marc for providing these profiles! I will find a way to let more people know about this in due course, but yes, for now, any French/Mac user or German/Windows user who purchases Notation Express is more than welcome to request these files from me.

Tim, do you have list of the changes, you made to keycommands_de.json?