Synth app loading problems

Can I expect cubasis 3 to load synth app data etc.? I ask as AudioKit synth one et al do not load said data when I change projects. Any pointers would be appreciated as I am fairly new to daws.

Hi motreg,
Audiokit Synth One is a IAA plugin and not a AUv3, this means you will have to launch Audiokit and just leave it running in the background, THEN launch Cubasis and follow the numbers on my photo, you will need to do this with all IAA apps.
It’s much easier to use Audio Units (AUv3) you don’t have to pre-launch these and they are totally reliable compared to IAA :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. Thanks for your help. I use your outlined procedure as the only way I can get sound from said apps. But cubasis does not load the saved midi sound parameters, I have to do this manually on the app ( synth one in this case). Is this also normal for IAA apps, and is this overcome using au instruments?

Could you give a little description of the data and sound parameters, it may be plainly obvious but I can’t quite work out what you mean :thinking:

Hi. I am referring to the synth sliders knobs etc. Sorry for not being specific.

I launched Audiokit followed by Cubasis, I then assigned midi learn parameters to the filter Frequency and Resonance to Audiokit using a app called Ribn, I made a short track in Cubasis that contained both filter parameters, but Audiokit locked up as soon as I hit the play button in Cubasis3.
I closed Audiokit and launched Aturia iSEM (IAA) as stand-alone, then I selected it inside Cubasis.
I assigned midi learn to the filter Frequency and Resonance, closed everything down, relaunched iSEM/Cubasis and this time everything worked as expected as soon as I hit the play button.

Considering this problem does not happen with other IAA synths - I would ditch Audiokit
Sorry I couldn’t help.

Another great advantage of using AUv3 apps is being able to use Cubasis Automation with virtually every control aspect of the app in use, you can still use midi learn if you prefer and if the app allows it.

Thanks for your help - think I’ll ditch synth one for now. AudioKit info says “ COMING SOON* AUv3 Plug-in support to use in your iOS host” for synth one. Looking forward to that as I enjoy the features of said app.

That’s good to know. Thanks for the update :+1:

Hi @motreg,

Can I expect cubasis 3 to load synth app data etc.?

Basically “YES”, but it often depends on 3rd party plug-ins (instruments/effects) in use and the chosen format (Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio), if these do load properly.

Apple introduced Audio Unit support many years ago, which provides much greater options and clearly can be seen as their successor to Inter-App Audio. Therefore, we strongly suggest using AU plug-ins where possible.

Below please find our dedicated articles, with additional infos about AU and IAA.

Limitations of Inter-App Audio

Limitations of Audio Unit

In regards to Inter-App Audio, it makes sense to first launch the stand alone app versions of the plug-ins in use, before launching Cubasis and the project using these plug-ins.

In addition, if 3rd party plug-ins fail to load within a project, simply shut down and restart Cubasis which often helps too.

Stay well,

Thanks for your input. I’ll be looking at Auv3 as this seems to be the way to go. I sometimes get bogged down with the tech - it can be a distraction when I’m in a creative music mode :triumph: - being an old school drums, bass, guitar, keyboard type of person :joy::wink:.

Hi @motreg,

I sometimes get bogged down with the tech

We’ve all been there… :wink:

Normally, it all should work fine, when using AU instruments and effects with Cubasis. If it doesn’t the steps above are hopefully of help to resolve the issues quickly.


That’s great - and thanks for the links - very informative.

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