Tascam UH-7000 + WaveLab 9 Issue

I’m using a Tascam UH-7000 audio interface with WaveLab and I get this error when I try to record:

Cannot open Wave device for recording. Are you sure your audio device supports the currently specified sample rate and/or bit resolution? Check also if the input of the audio device is in slave or auto-sync mode.

I made the sample rate and bit resolution the same in WaveLab and the Tascam mixer panel but it did not get rid of this error. How might I fix this error so I can record?

I’m using a Mac.

Thank you.

I have no idea, so I wouldn’t spend a lot of time following any of the following, but I did find these:


And it looks like Tascam has some pretty recent drivers and firmware available for it.

But then again it could just be a simple setting.

Forgot the Tascam link, since those posts seemed to indicate driver issues:

Are you able to play anything? Is this the first time you’ve tried recording with the unit in Wavelab?

Good info Bob. I used this interface for a remote project last year. Let’s just say it was weird and the software seemed a little suspect.

I hope for the user it’s a simple setting or driver update.