Templates Without Media

Is there a way of making a template from an existing project without copying or referencing the media from the existing project?

  1. Perform a Save-as of your project. Name it “whatever”
  2. Remove all media. Clean Pool, etc … (Takes 20 seconds)
  3. Save as Template.



Hello Sonictimbo,
This has been a Feature Request for many Years. Please see [FR] threads below.

Request to add an “option” to exclude media when “Save as Template” is selected (check box?). This is a safety feature request, operator error beware. As mentioned in some of the posted replies here, it can be very dangerous without this feature when in a tracking session that has new files recorded. We are not talking about sessions that already have media but sessions with newly recorded media. The possibility of deleting brand new media files while creating a new template is real, unless you are very very careful. The [FR] is much more than just a convenient 20 second time saver.

Nuendo 8 Feature Request

Nuendo 7 Feature Request (17 +1’s)

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In a project with existing media, if you delete a clip (Event), the file becomes Unused Media in the pool. Still safe and sound. But when you record new files in a project and delete a clip from the project window, Nuendo automatically moves the file from the Pool into the Trash. This I a great feature while tracking because Nuendo moves the files you don’t want into the trash so later you can Empty the Trash and remove them from the hard drive. This is great way to work.

BUT, if during a tracking session you want to create a Template Without Media, when you delete all clips from the project so you can remove them from the pool, Nuendo will move all the files you want to save along with all the files you want to delete into the Trash. Now you have to be super careful when you Empty the Trash, select “Remove from Pool” NOT “Delete from Hard Drive” otherwise you will deleted all the just recorded files from the hard drive. Dangerous. I have tried to create a macro for this but there is no Remove Trash Files From Pool to facilitate.

ALSO without this [FR] you cannot simply continue working on your open project. Much more than 20 seconds is required. File backup before for safety, restarts, and careful attention is required.

Nuendo is the greatest DAW by far. Adding this feature would be an enormous help in work flow and prevent possible accidental deletion of important files.

Thanks for adding to the discussion,
Jim Fox.