The 9.5 New Key Commands Topic

If 9.5 is like every other release, there will be new and undocumented Key Commands.

OK… what are they?

Alt + Shift + Click to change the Cursor Position in the Project window and also in Editors.

Important to note that:

Alt+Shift then Select (mouse click) is not the same as Select then Alt+Shift, Drag. Though they feel very similar at first

In the locate cursor, or create copies example above, the first action locates cursor in the arrange page and the second action creates a copy.

It creates a shared copy.

Just as a sidenote on the Alt+Shift combination:
For those with multiple keyboard languages, beware that the Alt+Shift is a global windows command for changing input language.
That may or may not mess up your key commands… and I tend to change all the Alt+Shift key commands that I use to something else.

Probably Windows only, right?

Btw the Alt+Shift used for Shared Copy is very old one.

Yes, Windows only.

It is possible to change that or to turn it completely off in the windows language settings!

I know… But I work across many pc’s and a couple of studios, which may or may have the settings as I prefer… but I bring my own Key Commands file :wink:

PS. It was more of a “heads-up” for people finding their key commands sometimes acting weird.

There is a new direct offline process keycommands category

The old way of copying/dragging events has changed for people who used to click- SHIFT-ALT-drag to do that.

SHIFT-ALT now defaults to the cursor locator. So new ways to click drag are needed. Some workarounds are described here: