Touch screen / dTouch / Steinberg community call

Hi there…
I am a lucky/unlucky Nuendo + dTouch (multi touch controller software) user for almost 7 years. Lucky because the combination of these two softwares was extraordinary for efficiency and speed of workflow, unlucky because since N12, it has become impossible to use dTouch as a controller for Nuendo.
As always I updated Nuendo to version 12 as soon as it was available but this was useless, since I’m still using N11 for its compatibility with dTouch controller.

For months I have been in contact with dTouch (an exceptional brand also for the constant great user support) to understand if any solutions exist. But it seems that without a first collaboration of Steinberg developers it is actually impossible for the Italian company (Aida Sound) to solve the problem and update dTouch to make it work with the new N12.

This post has two purposes:

  • to understand how the dtouch user community is reacting to the impossibility of updating this software from N12 onwards…
  • (hopefully) to draw Steinberg’s attention to this problem…

Please … Steinberg, would you consider this problem?
I am absolutely sure that I am not alone in this request.
There are many many (happy) Nuendo (Cubase also!) + dTouch users and we are all in the same situation…

Thanx for your attention
all the best,
Valerio Daniele


I second this. Just discovered for myself today that DTouch is no longer compatible with Cubase 12 after upgrading. I assume this is because of the change in how that application deals with remote MIDI devices. I suspect the same issue exists within Nuendo.

Aida Sound’s DTouch has really kind of been the go-to for multitouch support for Steinberg products since there doesn’t seem to have been a focus on baking that support into Steinberg applications despite years of users asking for it. If there is no internal push to bake multitouch support into Steinberg applications, making resources available for a third party that has already been providing that functionality for years would be desirable. Especially since other DAW vendors have begun including multitouch support in their products.

For those of us who came from console land, there’s no better way to work when mixing down.


Dtouch was great product. But it seems it is dead now.
And as I have recently swapped to Mac from windows I have lost it anyways 'cos there is no Dtouch Nuendo for Mac OS anyways.

So… How about it Steinberg: Add touch screen control for Nuendo ITB and provide drivers to make Mac recognize touch screens all together as as it is now, there is no native support for touch screens.

Hi guys, thanx for answering…
@Tumppi_Jarnefelt I understand your switch to Mac, anyway:
DTouch is not dead! I spoke with them (Silvano, their chief engineer) just 3 days ago.
They’re still waiting for this first “help” from Steinberg…


I hope there is a possibility in the immediate future of Steinberg Cubase / Nuendo Dtouch compatibility. I’m holding out on purchasing both software products for now because I want a large 4K touchscreen workflow solution that is not the dated bulky monitor hardware “Slate Raven” product.

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I have communicated with the devs for DTouch as recently as last week related to this very issue. The product itself is not dead, but there appear to be great difficulties with adding communication channels related to generic remotes within the current version of Cubase (12). The devs for Dtouch (Aida Sound) have informed me they are waiting on information exchanges with Steinberg devs to move forward.

I have a lot of years programming and configuring external and virtual interfaces for MIDI control. I know that the new Remote MIDI functionality within Cubase is just that, new, but it’s incredibly clunky to work with and it’s missing a lot of basic functionality. That would be understandable and I could be patient with that approach if Steinberg hadn’t already removed some of the functionality of their generic remote approach from the application. I suspect that removed functionality is what has broken DTouch.

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might be, but for me it is dead as I am a Mac user now.
And I have to add, as they do not communicate at all in their forums anymore, for new (and old) customers the whole business seems dead.
There was supposed to come new fader units etc… And now, nothing for months and months…

So I still wish SB would stand up and add touch screen support and features. That would be awesome.

I have now driver and software by touch base ( ) and voila: I have touch screen that works very well…
Only thing I missed since switching to Mac OS :slight_smile:

I am also waiting for the Cubase/Nuendo 12 update for D-Touch. I sure hope it is coming soon! And that it will work ok with the next Steinberg update when it arrives.
I really use the new features in Cubendo’s 12 so have not had Dtouch working since the upgrade after putting a lot of time/effort into setting it up for my workflow.

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Hope is the last thing that is lost!
Steinberg, come one!
Help us keep loving Nuendo :wink:

It is obvious SB will not change Nuendo just to help Dtouch…

But they could implement themselves touch screen support. That would be awesome.

Thanks for posting this up!

I am going to try this application later this week, knowing that for me it’s likely not going to be a replacement. It could, however, be a good stopgap until this situation gets sorted properly.

I’m missing more than just the multi-touch functionality of DTouch, although if I could just get that working again with the mix console it would get me partway to where I need to be.

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Anyone knows how this is working out yet. I ha e noticed that Dtouch is available for protools o Mac,
I have just discovered Dtouch because I look for something good to control my Mac Nuendo (and Logic) using my Dell touchscreen. Almost leaning towards Raven (thereby abandoning my Dell) because of this. Other thoughts are finally struggling with learning Protools, changing to Windows (or maybe running Windows on Mac).
Or staying with Logic using Flexideck.

Also looks like something has happened to those old Nuendo included drivers for my old mcs3000 set that has now lost it’s ability to use more than 8 faders. All expanders now think they are 1 to 8. Works fine in N10 and 11 though (just as Dtouch) . Also reprogramming in that new controlfacility is totally hopeless. Most faders and knobs are mixed up with eachother Or not at all recognised when I try to set it up. Useless

Any news on D-Touch? It’s a pain switching between C11 and other versions. I want my macros back even more than the faders.

If it were me I’d go for different software control before switching DAW. Avid’s controllers are quite good and I think a better option than learning PT. Just my thoughts on it.

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Agreed. An S1 with Nuendo would be better. Avid just announced a price “adjustment” for subscriptions beginning May 2nd, with no word on what the increase will actually be for perpetual users that pay for yearly updates.

Along similar lines, PreSonus just added new add-ons to their latest 6.6 update, but only for subscribers and not paid perpetual users.

It’s getting rough out there.

As of now, things are much better on our side of the fence. Get an S1…