Triplet/dotted grid snap in audio editors - [Achieved]

When using the event editor/audio warp/variaudio, snapping only snaps to straight 4th/8th/16th etc this makes quantising for triplet and dotted tempos a lot harder. Currently the only way to achieve this is using triplet or dotted snapping in the main project area, snapping the play bar to the required interval, scrolling to find it in the editor, and then snapping the warp marker to the play bar and do this for every beat.

Note: This is a copy paste from an old feature request going back to 2011 - here are some examples
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Unfortunately triplet and dotted grid inside the Audio Editor is still missing… Something that must be there by default!
I’m asking for this improvement since version 7.5, and it is already version 11.

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Yep still missing. I’ve also asked for this many many many times. And really, should we have to ask for this? It’s not a special feature, this is extremely basic stuff that should have been there from the start 20 years ago. The shame of Steinberg if you ask me.


it will never be implemented, they simply don´t care for many many years

I don’t think that’s the case. If you see the feedback survey results from 2019, for example, a fair amount of top requested features were addressed both in 10.5 and 11. I think this is a less popular request, especially among hobbyists, who are abundant in the forum and probably don’t need advanced editing tools, so it is low priority. We just need to raise awareness about this.

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I dont consider triplets to be advanced in any way. My 2 year old can sing them and it’s one of the first thing you learn in music theory. Triplets are so fondamental to music that it’s hard to understand why a professional software such as Cubase can miss the mark like that and not even fix it for so long.

At this point, Steinberg is probably ashamed to put that in the “what’s new” section of an update since triplets are so basic to music. Every other DAW has that. They should juste fix this as a maintenance update. It’s nothing to be proud of at this point.

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I totally agree with you. But I want to believe this is going to happen, we just need to gather attention so this, at least, gets on the top 50 requests and maybe reach the developers’ table. I’ve been using Steinberg daws since VST32 5. Every place I worked was either Cubase or Nuendo and when the time came to go solo, I didn’t feel the need to change… I still love it but every time I stumble on this issue, every single production, man… it just gets on my nerves.

AudioWarp Quantizing
MIDI Reference Track (VariAudio)

Good tip.

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Yep, audiowarp quantize was a precious addition and is great for automated processes but it often generates quantizing errors that you are not able to fix quickly… precisely because the grid doesn’t snap when you need to go surgical. :frowning:

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It is just a workaround to optimize the current workflow as much as possible. It doesn’t mean anything more than that.

can you make a video or gif with licecap showing this workaround?

I thought quantize presets could also be a workaround but I never tried because I just perform my triplets.

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It’s the best we have so far, agreed!

I think a more clear way of getting this feature request is to ask for:

“Quantize Presets in Audio Editor + linkable/unlinkable to main Project Quantize Setting”

Still not there in 11, huh. We have spectra to visually describe sound but we don’t have a ruler with 3 times denser markings than our already available ruler. Sounds like something out of a Terry Prattchet book. :mrgreen:

Please, it’s not like we’re asking for the moon here. I’m perfectly fine just with the VISUAL aid that the grid offers. If I have a rogue triplet in an otherwise straight 4/4 peformance of mostly 8ths and 16ths, I need to press the button and SEE how this triplet lands. Same with dotted, because if one thinks they will get away with triplets (@humble 4/4 always) and define it as 12/8, they will suddenly need to clearly SEE dotted quarters. (The metronome understanding quarters only is another discussion and fr)


I asked for this for years now. It shouldn’t be so difficult to implement this.


Still not addressed in 11.0.10

Since replying “+1” doesn’t work anymore, please vote, otherwise we’ll be back to square one and end up waiting 10 more years for this.


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Me too. It’s embarrassing faffing around in front of a client with a triplet track, when they’ve seen me slip through another 4/4 track previously. What do I say to them? “Oh, Cubase doesn’t recognise triplets and dotted note lengths in audio, sorry.” ?
They could be forgiven for questioning my choice of professional equipment, which is really not a good place to be…!