Unable to hear playback in Dorico 5 (case 2)

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (377.9 KB)
Hello Dorico’s Team,
After updating to Dorico 5, I get no sound with the normal playback.
However, I get sound if I click on the note individually and the scrub playback is working properly.
I still have Dorico 4.3 on which everything works fine with this project.

Thank’s for any suggestions.

If you reapply one of the playback templates does it work then? Could you attach a short example project file that demonstrates the problem for you?

Test for Dorico 001.dorico (1.6 MB)
Hello Richard,
I tried to reapply the playback template with no changes.
Here is the file which does produce any sound on playback.

Thank you for your assistance.

It looks like you’re using external MIDI devices for playback - is that right?

Yes, correct.
Only VSL instruments via MIDI channels.

If you go to FIle / Export / Audio, does the resultant audio file play back correctly? It seems like Dorico (this happened occasionally for me in D4 as well) sometimes can lose the audio for playback, but everything looks like it’s set up correctly, and exported audio plays back fine as well. I could never find any sort of pattern to reproduce the issue, but that has cropped up for me from time to time. Just curious if export works correctly for you when this happens.

Are you able to try using something like MIDI Monitor to check whether the MIDI note messages are actually being sent? It’s possible that they’re being sent but at zero velocity, or on the wrong channel, or something like that.

Yes, I have installed a MIDI viewer.
No MIDI data when no playback and I can see MIDI data arriving when I click on one note. And so, I can hear music at correct velocity.

I can also hear all instruments if I use the “scrub playback” option with appropriate velocities.

Hello Fred,
As I use MIDI data to activate VSL instruments, I cannot use the export option to create a MP3 file, for example.

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I assume if you apply one of the built-in templates (“HSSE+HSO”, for example) then that all works?

You are right, playback is working fine with HSO playback template.
If it was a playback template issue or endpoints configuration, I should not hear any sounds at all.

Hi - I also have no sound from Dorico 5 from different projects (Dorico was working fine earlier today). As @FredGUnn suggested, I do get sound when I export audio
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (323.0 KB)

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Hi Neil, is playback going wrong for you even in a project that’s only using HSSE+HSO? Just briefly browsing your logs I see you’re using scrub playback - is playback working OK for that and then not working when you do a full playback, or is it not working for scrub playback either?

@Eric2000, can you see whether toggling the option to enable WinRT MIDI in the Advanced Options section of the Play page of Preferences makes any difference on your system?

Hi Richard, this is using just HSSE+HSO (which is what I was using) - I also switched to and from NotePerformer, and HSSE/HSO/GSE. The scrub playback was where I first noticed lack of sound, and I thought it was a feature that wasn’t working; then I realised there was no sound anywhere. I also restarted completely a couple of times. Dorico 4 is fine still. Of course, sometimes leaving o/n magically solves things!

You might try turning off the WinRT setting, as Daniel suggests above for Eric. That probably isn’t relevant but it can’t hurt to try. I’d also check whether your Device Settings for Dorico 5 are different in some way from those for Dorico 4.

Hello Daniel,
The WinRT MIDI was unticked (disabled).
When I enable it, after restarting Dorico, I have no sounds anymore.
Both clicking on one note and the scrub playback do not work.

OK, it was worth a try – please disable it again.

What kind of MIDI device are you using to connect Dorico to VSL? Are you using a software MIDI device, or a hardware MIDI device? Is VSL running on another computer?

My VSL installation run on a different computer.
I use rtpMIDI to create virtual MIDI ports to connect the Dorico computer to the VSL instruments computer via Ethernet LAN.

I just update Dorico 4 to Dorico 5 and I have loaded a file on which I worked with Dorico 4.3 without problems.
So I am pretty sure that I did not change any parameters between the 2 Dorico’s versions.