Update on Steinberg Licensing

Please take a look at this updated announcement concerning the forthcoming Steinberg Licensing system, which will arrive with the release of Dorico 4 early in 2022:

We hope that these changes address the most serious concerns expressed by our customers. If you have any further questions or concerns about the new system, please let us know.


Good news all around! Thank you Daniel, et al, for listening and recalibrating. I’m sure this will go a VERY long way with many users new and old.


Amazing, how you not only listen to your customers, but actually act accordingly. Especially activating it on three computers is very, very useful.


Really good news, Daniel. So the new model is like an advanced Soft-E-Licenser with three activations/computers!

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Fantastic news! Feels like an early christmas present :christmas_tree:

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Great! That’s why I use Steinberg Software and I will keep on using it. Thanks!

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A big thank you to Steinberg for rethinking and abandoning the “phoning home” process for perpetual licences!


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Seeing this sort of responsiveness from Steinberg makes me much more likely to purchase Cubase…


Great news!! Will it still be possible to deactivate a license remotely, without having to be on the activated PC?

WoW! That is truly impressive. Thanks for listening and acting on our concerns. Doubly happy as I just re-entered the Cubase world updating from 8.5 to 11 (and therefore 12) and I’m looking forward to being able to run on MacBook and studio MacPro without hassle or worry about losing dongle.

Kudos Steinberg!

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You will need to contact support if you no longer have access to the computer on which one of your activations currently resides. They will be able to release that activation for you, so that you can reuse it on your replacement computer.


Great news, great decisions.
Thanks for this.

Excellent news :slight_smile:

This is such great news, I’m so grateful you guys listened to our concerns.

Thank you so much! Renewed my faith in humanity this did.


Wow. This is far more than I was hoping for. That level of corporate responsiveness is, quite honestly, incredible. I just wanted my laptop to not ever get locked out after a dormant period. 3 activations!? I don’t even have 3 devices. Hmm… maybe once I get D4 up and running smoothly on Linux, we’ll see if an Android install is in the cards :rofl:


for the way I work two activations and the connection every 30 days would not have been a problem, but I am really VERY happy that steinberg has really listened to its users on such a delicate aspect and that it has rethought some decisions. it is a sign of true consideration. thanks steinberg !!!


I was particularly surprised by this particular little “Christmas egg”. This will benefit me immensely, as I do have a work computer, imac, and laptop that all get use. I would have even paid an extra, say $50, for a third seat, but this is all the sweeter since I won’t have to leave one of my daily devices out of the mix. I believe that with this change, they will be actually ahead of their immediate competitors at least where active seats are concerned.


I am excited for the third device activation. I have a powerful desktop, as well as a Surface Pro tablet, but now I’m eyeing one of those new M1 MacBooks…!

I was going to say as much as well. On the previous big thread on the topic, I pointed out that the then-proposed Steinberg licensing system would, though a marked improvement, still be my most restrictive license that I would own. Absolutely no longer the case, and in fact, I think that honor might now indeed go to one of their competitors!