Updated Manual for 6.5


Will there be an updated manual with the release of 6.5? Also, will there be an available option to purchase a paperback version of the manual? I tried printing it at Staples, but the paper they use is way too thick for the manual to be useful.

There will be a “new features” PDF but no real new manual and we do not offer a full printed manual for purchase. Sorry!

Interesting that my very similar post on the 6th May has not been responded to by Steinberg.


These many ‘new feature’ PDFs are very difficult to manage in conjunction with an out-of-date user manual pdf.

A great advantage of the PDF format is that is is very easy to keep up-to-date with new features and corrections - far better that a printed manual. That is the professional way to do it these days.

If we are expected to pay for an update, we should at least be able to rely on an up-to-date user manual.

Sorry, I simply did not see that post. I will forward your requests internally.

Agreed. Recently tried to set the colour of tracks automatically and the help file/manual bears no relation to the updated Nuendo 6.0.7 :imp:

My point entirely.

Thank you Ed.

The last two posts in this thread have not been responded to either, despite the fact that it has had well over 700 views:


Dear Steinberg,

Please update the manual to 6.5 to reflect the changes? It seems lazy to just have an addendum pdf, considering Steinberg doesn’t print out manuals anymore. This product is too expensive for customers to have to fiddle around with multiple pdfs. I’m sure you could get some intern to keep this up to date.


+1 here too - the lack of a printed manual is still one of my largest gripes, as I am not a big fan of being forced to use PDF at the best of times (I cannot take PDF into the garden with me, or on the train - I am forced to use 2 computers, both burning up power, when all I need is one & a book.
Making me use multiple PDF is simply unacceptable. Especially when main Operation Manual is well out of date.

I have PDF manuals for all of my studio gear (hardware and software) on an android tablet so that I can study them anywhere. I certainly would not want to schlep all of those printed books with me on to a train.