Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th

This page describes how to resolve the “verification pending” message: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4412560691986-Steinberg-Licensing-Verification-Pending-

at home the eLicenser Control Center is not configured to run as administrator at all. in my window “eLicenser Control Center” all my Steinberg products are present except that on Cubase pro 11 there is the mention (Grace Period Eligible) between brackets. From this level I don’t know what to do or which way to go to make the Cubase 12 license operational

I’ve sent you a PM - let me know how you get on.

So basically I bought a trial mode for some days no? Good job!

Normally the verification process completes at the point where you redeem your DAC, marking your old license as “non-upgradeable”. For some reason, yours didn’t (eLicenser not connected?).

Rather than leave you without access to Cubase 12, we took the decision to allow users to access Cubase 12 immediately and give 30 days to complete the verification process.

I’d say that’s quite a reasonable thing to do, wouldn’t you?


Ben wrote: “… we took the decision to allow users to access Cubase 12 immediately and give 30 days to complete the verification process.”

Where can one read further details on the Steinberg website about this please?

See the link I shared a few posts up from here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4412560691986-Steinberg-Licensing-Verification-Pending-

Great, thanks!

A further question please: That page links to another ( How to verify eligibility for free Grace Period update – Steinberg Support ), which links to others as well, all pertaining to Grace Period Updates: does Steinberg keep all those pages up-to-date/current to reflect all the advices you and your colleagues have given in posts in this forum over the last few weeks?

Really the question is … can one simply follow those directions and have a smooth Grace Period upgrade/update, or are there still problems with that process that will be discovered by following instructions that may not have been updated yet?

Thank you :slight_smile:

My C11 dongle is connected. But the license on my dongle got “lost in transfer” when I upgraded to C12. If you look at the first screenshot of my elicenser you will see that my C11 license says “transfer pending.” It has said this ever since I upgraded on March 3rd. I have been unable to open C11 for 13 days because my C11 license was lost when upgrading to C12.

When I try to “recover license” it always fails.

Again I don’t need help upgrading to C12. C12 is working fine. What I need help with is recovering my lost C11 license. How do I do that?

I already upgrade my cubase pro 11 to cubase12 and my e-licenser changed to cubase 11 pro (upgraded to cubase 12 with steinberg licensing). It is normal? Because many other e-licenser changed to cubase pro 11 (not upgradable). The problem is, in activation manager show “no license found”. And my steinberg id in product software not show cubase 12, but cubase pro 11 (not upgradable) and already activated today. I can’t activate my cubase 12, because “no license found” in activation manager.
How to activate my cubase 12?

Please make sure that you use the same logins for the SDA and the new Steinberg Activation Manager.

I already do that. I only have one Steinberg id.

Could you please check again. Unfortunately I have heard that many times in the last two weeks and in all cases the users had different accounts without realising it.

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Oke i check it again.

I’ve opened a support ticket two weeks ago, since there was no solution for my problem with the grace period, but got no answer… State is still open and no reaction to my two added comments!

Am I the only one who’s waiting for a reply?

I understand, there is a lot of work for the Steinberg support at the moment, but no reaction for two weeks?

I don’t have a solution for you, but maybe if you shared your issue here you would get an answer, as many others have?

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I have sent you a PM.

Yes, problem solved. Thank you!!

Hi Ben, thanks for your reply. The issue has been solved by Matthias Quellmann last Sunday, so everything is good now.

editMaybe somebody at Steinberg should either disable the ticket support system, or fix it. Or at least post a warning that nobody will be able to respond. The way it is now is just annoying.

Our support team are still working extremely hard to clear the backlog. I’m sorry it’s taken a little while to sort out the issues, but we’ll get there!

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