UR22 cuts out intermittently

Yeah, a (relatively) new build for me too.
i7 5820K cpu, 32gb RAM, and all SSDs. Everything works perfectly except for the UR22 dropouts. Hmph.

Hello, I’m new to this forum but I believe I have a solution! At least that has worked for me. Through researching the issue from this forum and others this seems to be an issue with the UR22, UR12, and UR44. I myself have the UR12 but had the exact same problem.

What solved the issue for me was replacing the USB cable. I had a few in my studio and the first 2 I tried made the condition worse…much worse. The 3rd cable I tried did the trick. Doing some research revealed that USB cables can come in different gauges for the power portion of the cable, so that may be what fixes it. (that’s why some cheap cables charge devices slower)

My specific symptoms was the sound dropping out randomly but pretty consistently, the USB light would blink only some of the times the issue came up. This occurred on 2 of my desktops but worked flawlessly on my laptop. All this was during just regular playback.

So try a new/alternate USB cable…if you find a place that gives the specs get a 28/24 gauge and not a 28/28.


PS - Sorry for the 2 post saying basically the same thing. I did not see there was a review process on my first post. (Page automatically goes away) I will keep this one here because it has more info on why it may work for you after I got a chance to do some research.

That’s something I’ve not actually tried Reppix, and I’m prepared to give it a go!

Can anyone recommend a really good cable?
Whatabout something like this?..


I can’t actually work out if it is the 28/24 gauge you talk about, but it’s kind of pricey so might it have all the bells and whistles?

Hey Dudes,

i thought the UR22 MK2 is a good soundcard! But Ive the same issue like all of you and I dont want to change my USB cables and ports anymore. I think, thats not the solution or did this works for all of you. I nearly read the whole thread and believe me, Im not stupid - but I couldn`t handle this issue…

At this moment, I could send back the UR - but that`s the worst decision for me! And sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Maybe any last support?

Thanks in advance and I wish you all a nice evening!



I tried so far seven really good, high quality usb cable…after 30-60 seconds - the first audio drop out with blinking usb connection! I could puke, if I would not be st@#*&d as hell… (EeeZee, i live in NL :slight_smile:

Bad and Evil! As a technical support pro, I think - I should change my job or kill myself?!

The time I spend in this project is too much and nobody pay for this!

Pretty disappointing ;(

Auxiliary part two: My dell latitude E 7240 pro works super fine with the ur22 - no problems!

Price doesn’t really mean “top quality” for cables. Reading the reviews (the main one with a low star rating) there is a guy who had a problem with that one from amazon. He’s connecting a DAC and says “I bought this to connect my laptop to a DAC. It doesn’t work. The signal breaks up and eventually the DAC cuts it out.” So that would make me not want to risk it not working for this interface as well. (Sounds very similar to what’s happening with the UR models)

Check this site out: http://www.monoprice.com/category?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030301 Prices are unbelievably low. I just ordered a longer USB cable and a few others. Never bought from them before but read a few reviews that persuaded me to try them out.

Did you notice any difference between the 7 cables? The first few I tried made my UR12 much worse than the one from the box. I’ve seen cables that are labeled “high quality” but still just have a 28 gauge power wire. Also if your cables weren’t new they could have lost performance. When the cable is bent around and used a lot it’s said that the little wires in the cable can be frayed witch would result in lower performance. We’ll see if anyone else has luck with a different/new USB cable.

Curious…Has anyone had this issue on a laptop? The UR12 worked find on my laptop with the original cable and I saw a few people say that in this topic. Maybe laptops handle USB power in a better/different way.

Replacement of the original cable interesting idea . Especially since the original cable series UR - NO NAME!? Yamaha completes its interfaces are cheap quality cables? Or is it Steinberg bought the party cheap cables destroying this reputation Yamaha?:slight_smile: These interfaces are made in China, but in China it happens often. I’m going to buy a high-speed USB A - B cable to the printer and try it. A year ago, I saw one of the musicians used to UR22 not the original cable.


got my UR22 working for over 3 hours without any error! That wasn’t possible before…

Today I’ll run a longer Test, but so far…it works!

De&re-installed USB driver of my Win 10 System. Re-installed as Admin & with Win 7 compatibility mode.
Than again, from Port to Port with complete new cables. First cables change the sound (less volume) - next have better sound, but dropouts again after 30-60s.

My last cable was from my new LAUNCHKEY 49 MKII! And Hell Yeah :wink: I works…

Tried also connections with DC Power and a powerful USB Hub. Internal PCI USB card…nothing works before. Strange and as an IT system engineer really curios to understand!

Cheers, Mike

Interesting, Mike303.
How can we find out what it is about the LAUNCHKEY 49 USB cable that worked!?
Are there any clues printed on the cable itself? Does it say 28/24AWG or anything like that?

Step back…but much more interesting!

I know, people mentioned the network adapter settings, and I think it`s a mix of a good protected cable and in my case - WiFi disabled ?!

…today, I left the office and thought I could test a little bit my new equipment. I started my system and listen to music. Everything fine from the start. Than I want to check so infos in the www. My Network connection was disabled by me yesterday - when I`m turn off virus protection to reinstalled usb / mainboard driver as admin in win7 comp.mode!

So, I turn on my WiFi again - and after 20 second - I got the first drop out! Again, I turned off my wifi - and everything works nice…whaaaaazup Steineberg.

Strange and not really the best workaround;


Back in two hours! Will do some tests without WiFi/LAN connection!

Back and freaky!

In my case it looks like the wifi adapter has an bad influence. If its disabled - everythin is top! Enabled and terrible dropouts (blinking usb connectin!) start with the first click on - open network and sharing centre!

Still evil…

Yeah, disabling wifi is always one of the first solutions you read for issues like this.
Didn’t work for me unfortunately.


But honestly, this is not a solution and I dont know if the best thing would be send back the unit intime! So I dont waste time and money.

Greets, Mike

Cool so that’s +1 of somebody else who has better results with a different USB cable. Mike303 did you try updating your WiFi drivers too. Not from windows device manager but from the actual manufacturer. Is your WiFi “realtek” by any chance? I’ve had problems with my onboard realtek audio driver and disabled it before I even got the UR12. Kept causing BSOD issues. Maybe you can try a cheap network card if you HAVE to have internet while using the UR22 like if it’s your primary sound card even when not recording or doing audio work.

Kind of strange for the audio to change because of different USB cables since the signal sent through it is digital. (I’ve read and heard that the sound wouldn’t be effected no matter the cable)

for what it’s worth my cable says “28AWG/1P 24AWG/2C” and (as written before) will not work in my 2.0 ports, but works perfect in 3.0 ports.

just found this.


I know it’s not the steinberg one…but I am running AMD.

Hey Guys,

will try today after work an different internal wifi adapter.

If everything fails and there is no solution for network connection and the audio interface working fine at the same time, I`ll send it back and buy an RME.

Greets, Mike

Everything fine…my stuff works brilliant!


OK, I cant wait for a solution any longer, returning my UR22. will never buy a product from Steinberg again.


It is troubling that there has not been more involvement from Steinberg guys here. I know, I fixed my issue by system rebuild and not even the same interface that seems to have the most issues, but that doesn’t fix the issue for others.

Even though it only a small percentage of users, I would expect a bit more response when there is an obvious issue with the driver and some systems.

For way over a year now…