Ur824 crackling noise, red SIG/PEAK, input 1-2 peaking


I need your help. I’ve tried troubleshooting this issue but I’m stuck.

I bought my ur824 2017. It’s worked flawlessly since then up to about 4 days ago. I was working on a project, I took a break for a couple of hours and came back to a “crackling” noise. The SIG/PEAK lights were flickering red and green. I’ve attached a video below.

I open up dspmixfx ur824 and see input 1 and 2 peaking. I pull down the faders and the sound dissapears. However the ur824 hardware still signals peaking at the SIG/PEAK lights. Same thing in NUENDO. TOOLS is updated, ur824 driver and firmware is up to date. I tried reverting to an older driver without change.

If I press the phantompower button the problem stays quiet for a few seconds then comes back. If I change my audio interface sample rate settings it switfly turns quiet and then starts crackling again. If I turn my input gain knob all the way up the crackling is attentuated but doesn’t go away.

My problem persisted until I opened up a different DAW, reason 11, and then the it stopped.
It was stable for a day.
I booted up my system again and faced the same problem. This time opening reason didn’t produce any change. The problem did go away again however, this time for no apparent reason as I was checking the device manager and event viewer.

I recently contacted steinberg support regarding this matter, I was met by a kind support team and was well met but they could not help me further beyond suspected hardware issue. Considering the fact that the problem does go away, I don’t feel completely done with this matter and wish to give it one last try, before I bin my interface.

Any help in troubleshooting this matter within software and/or windows would be wholeheartedly appreciated. I did a windows reinstall about 3 months ago. No issues until now.

Another video showing the input noise.

I tried to locate some other threads where the same issue is described:


I don’t know the answer but hopefully these might give ytou an idea about identifying the issue. Hope you get it sorted. it’s a good interface.

You might also might want to describe all the aspects of your system including your computer specs, operating system version and Nuendo version etc., just so others can help you out.