Vari audio UPGRADE to the next level

I dream a Vari aduio with the possibility to manage more than wave file at time so i can paste the note correction to another audio file in one time. This way avoid to me to open another file and put another hour to correct the same vocal line…
So boring

Another upgrade must be the time alignment of the vocal track to avoid another 2 hours… An example

When i’ll see update like this i’ll upgrade to the cubase 8,5…
i hope in you…

I’d like the ability to set it to something other than A440 tuning.

+1 I’m agree with floydpaint2000m!!! Especially if Steinberg includes something like VocAlign… It’s very useful thing.

Don’t know about being able to copy/paste corrections across to multiple files just yet, but…

‘VocAlign’ type editing and center pitch adjustment…? Yes…!

They are also included on my collective Feature Request wishlist thread, for VariAudio v2.x.x improvements/enhancements here:-
(items 5 and 10 covers these)



The key thing I would like in VariAudio 2.1 - the ability to pencil in vibrato!

Also id like to see fixing notes by common western scales and user scales also with micro tuning and save those as presets.

+1 for vocalign like feature and please intergrate an attack/release slider to tell when the pitch correction start and finish on each notes … when you use it in a transparent way, you have to cut every begining and ending of each note to make sure it wont sound robotic :frowning:
Also, please fix the SSS and shhh sounding bad when pitch corrected.

How exactly are you doing that … are you shrinking the segments so as to exclude the beginnings/endings of each note?

And if that’s the case … I guess the implication is that the transition is pretty smooth between the VA’d portion of the note, and its unprocessed beginning/ending … or do you somehow have to cross-fade or otherwise make the transitions less noticeable?

Thanks, trashdinner!

I cut the beginning and ending of the notes I process (by pressing tab to switch mode and then I manually cut them) and they will fade quite naturally.

Which mode are you switching into … “Pitch and Warp”?

I cut the beginning and ending of the notes I process (by pressing tab to switch mode and then I manually cut them) and they will fade quite naturally.

yep me too, to avoid that “cher” and chipmunk effect :blush:
maybe improving the overall algorithm of tuning and with options for formant and without and so on …

Yes me too must cuta the start and the end for avoid cheer effects…
+1 The VAri audio de-essing…

Need new detection algorithm for tonal material :without sibilants and percussion artifacts as in revoice pro, melodyne, etc.

There is a need of change of loudness of each note too

+1 for all these improvements, including a Vocalign feature, definitely.

Also like to see the toolset brought in line with how the rest of the app works, e.g. get rid of the Tab toggle and use the normal pointer/scissors/pencil tools concept. Kinda crazy to have two different editing mechanisms, its like using a tool written by a different company.


Here’s a situation where one is forced to bring the mouse way across the screen to click on the “Segment” or “Pitch and Warp” keys instead of just using the TAB key:

Whenever you use the little speaker icon (is it KC 9?) to, for example, audition/confirm exactly where a new word starts, the TAB key no longer has focus, you have to manually go over and click on the “Segment” or “Pitch and Warp” button to re-activate VariAudio.

A little frustration that adds up over time!

Yes, indeed, the Play/Speaker function removes the focus, rather annoying as well! High time to really make it more usable, the features are there but its just a bit clunky.


Hello guys,

I work with Variaudio on a daily basis recording and fixing many singers.
The workflow is very important to me and small things during the process can really make life easier and work smoother.
First of all i’m using the straighten pitch & pitch quantize sliders more then 100 times each song
And since the both sliders are very thin i always need to click few times till i catch the slider where i can start slide it.
see how it happens to the demonstrator of Steinberg himself (Andrew Scharavemade) here:
So it would be great to at least to thicken the sliders a bit if they’re not going to enable direct&quicker access tools like for instance at Melodyne.

I also noticed that sometimes i have to click on the note few times just to be able to grab it up or down.

The last improvement i would like is to also thicken the timeline above the track, i use it to zoom in&out by clicking it and pooling up&down. this also could be helpful not needing to click few times till i catch it. it’s just a bit thin as well.

Maybe not all of you will understand why i’m complaining on such small things but since i’m doing it all day long almost everyday, it became an issue for me.

btw i use Cubase 6.5 and 7.5 and just upgraded to the 8 pro.


+1 for each feature request!

BTW, have they reinstituted the display of the note value +/- cents within the note itelf (i.e., so you don’t have to look up at the timeline)? I think I remember they had that feature in C6.5, and then removed it in C7?

Hopefully by the time 8.01 comes out and I’m ready to buy, all these things will be incorporated!