VariAudio vs Melodyne


I was wondering which of Melodyne or VariAudio you prefer and why?
Are there any things you can do in Melodyne that you can’t do in VariAudio? VariAudio must be lighter on the CPU I assume?

Thanks so much for reading




Using VariAudio for vocal editing most of the time (sometimes other materials like monophonic instruments, for SFX or even for voice-over correction)
Btw useful (obvious :slightly_smiling_face:) tip - try to avoid using it on sibilants and transients when tuning vocals.
It is very handy tool because of it’s integration with Cubase obviously

I prefer Melodyne if surgical voice tuning is needed, also it is irreplaceable tool for polyphonic material editing.
Melodyne is very good at SFX creating also (check out Ian Kirkpatrick streams on twitch)

kind regards, Alexander

I find if I have two fairly complicated tools that do similar things I’m better off focusing on one or the other rather than trying to be half-way good at both of them. So I mostly use Melodyne because it works with polyphonic.

I haven’t used VariAudio in awhile so can’t comment about its newer features and how those compare. Love Melodyne’s newish ability to easily remove sibilance.