Verve Piano issue in Halion (Sonic) 7

I recently installed Nuendo-12, which came with Halion Sonic 7 and the new Verve piano instrument which also now appears in Halion Sonic SE 3.5. - but not in Halion-6. Confusing or what! That is really all fine with me, but when I try to launch earlier versions of Nuendo (N7 or N11) a message appears stating that Verve Presets can not be loaded due to a licensing issue. Given that Verve only runs in Halion versions why does this error message appear in Nuendo-7 and Nuendo-11 ?

I’ve looked in the Download Assistant and Activation Manager but can not see what I can do to overcome this problem.

Hi C hris , did you look in the ‘Updates/vst’s’ in the SDA , i think there was an update a few dates ago , i could be wrong but i seem to remember downloading it .

HALion 6 will not see Verve because your Verve is licensed using Steinberg Licensing and HALion 6 has no Steinberg Licensing Support. You will need to upgrade to HALion 7 (or if you are an Absolute user, Absolute 6 to get HALion 7) to see Verve in HALion.

Your issues with Nuendo 7 and 11 are explained in the Help Center. Again, this is to do with Steinberg Licensing - Nuendo 7 and 11 are not Steinberg Licensing aware.

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Thanks for the reply David.
Nuendo-7 and -11 issues: I think that Steinberg are trying to do something to stop Verve messages appearing in pre-Nuendo12 versions. We shall see. I guess if I were to completely uninstall Verve the problem will go away. I’m actually unlikely to ever use it.

How can I completely uninstall Verve to stop these messages appearing when I launch Nuendo -7 and Nuendo -11 ?

Go to the Steinberg library manager , find verve in the list and uninstall

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Perfect. Thanks.

This issue has been solved with this topic.

I’m still using HALion 6, while I also have HALion Sonic 7, which is capable of recognizing Verve. I’ve observed that HALion 6 might trigger an alert within the eLicenser software in the context of Verve. Currently, it appears that the expiration date displayed during the warning has passed, causing Verve to no longer appear in HALion 6, but it is still visible in HALion Sonic 7.

Thank you.


Hello, there.

  • Windows 11
  • Nuendo 12

I am using Nuendo 12, an upgrade from an older version of Cubase. As of today, when I try to launch the Verve program or load a Verve program from HALion, I start encountering the following error.

eLicenser Control - Message:

The license for application ‘Verve’ will expire soon.
Duration until expiration: 37 minutes 40 seconds

Additionally, there have been instances where similar error dialogs have appeared during Nuendo startup, indicating issues with Halion license validation or displaying errors related to VST Connect.

Upon encountering these errors, I repeatedly saw the same screen as discussed in the following topic when I launched the Steinberg Activation Manager. However, despite not much time since the issue occurred, it now appears accessible without any problems, and Nuendo 12 is displayed as a product with an active license.

Verve is included as a standard library in Nuendo 12, correct? Furthermore, Nuendo 12 does not use eLicenser for license management. So, why am I getting an error dialog through eLicenser Control?