VSTC Pro Handling of HD file transfer for Overdubs with multiple mics

Title pretty much says it all.
Have got VST C Pro HD file replacement working great when tracking a single channel and doing overdubs.

Have got VST C Pro HD file transfer working great when tracking multiple microphones.

Have a problem when trying to get the HD files into the session when I have done overdubs using multiple microphones.

This video explains it
The problem isn’t explained till 4:25, but I wanted to show how I arrived there in case there were questions on the process.

As far I understand you should recreate the Git, Git D , Git D2… tracks in VST Connect with the same input like the first Git. So you should end up with multiple tracks, not a single track like you’ve shown, in Cubase/Nuendo after transfering the HD files. And then switch (in VST Connect) the record enable button to the double you want to record than.
Because VST Connect is designed to just transfers the recordings of a single recording track it can not now that you want to split these onto different tracks later on.

yeah, this is kind of what figured. I would need to make a separate channel in VSTC Performer for each overdub I make, name it accordingly, and then switch the record dot to the proper channel for whatever overdub I’m making. Unfortunately, that gets somewhat unwieldy on some sessions where we’ll do tons of overdubs.

I guess I was hoping that since VSTC obviously keeps track of which audio clips are on which track in Cubase via the VSTC manager, that there might be someway to implement it also importing the HD tracks into separate tracks in Cubase corresponding to the tracks shown in the VSTC manager.

Feature request for future VSTC?