Was it fixed?

Cubase 10.5.12

  1. Open Sample Track (docked or separate window no matter)
  2. Open MediaBay
  3. Drop Sample on sampler track (where says “Drop Audio Sample or MIDI Part Here!”)
  4. Leave mouse hovering that area where you dropped sample (don’t click anything)
  5. use UP and DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through samples and when ever you hit the ENTER key it will automatically replace the sample on that hovered area as long you repeat this step.

P.S. Works on almost all areas where you can drag and drop (Groove Agent, Padshop, Loopmash as well as 3rd party plugins such as Battery, Kontakt, Geist and many other)

Cubase 10.5.20 and 11
This feature is broken hitting enter does only play which wasn’t the case in prior versions.

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Thx mate, just one thing:
Mediabay, using arrow keys to cycle/drop and replace sample in sample track, groove agent and 3rd party plugins
or something similar would be more precise and informative description


its updated

Damn, new forum ruined all my colour coding :cry:

Thanks for this!
Generic Remote mappings are lost / rendered completely inaccurate when adding / removing tracks.
Was it fixed?..

Just encountered another issue from an older version:

Issues 1 minute into Cubase 10.5.10
In the Mix Console the red borders highlighting the track disappear if you move the cursor/mouse around.

I hope SB one day addresses properly this FIXED issues thing, it is not normal that users need to keep track themselves.

There should be some kind of grid excel like file where there is at least a minimal amount of columns

ISSUE LINK | Description | Affected Version | Fixed in Version

without you to have to go trough this and ppl have to monitor a super long list of replies in a post…

(by the way this is not a novelty there are several companies that do that with their customers a.k.a ppl in this forum)

FIY I can no longer edit the OP to change/update the list, so any issues make a new thread.


Info-Line Description Stuck/Doesn’t Auto-Rename appropriately

This is still not fixed, at least not in 10.5! (guess neither is in 11)


It would be interesting to know what issues of this list have been fixed in the recent 10.5.30 release (Cubase Release Notes | Steinberg)

You can add Broken audio engine / Processing inconsistencies to the list, and that’s a MAJOR issue not a minor user interface one…
Check my featured topic on my profile, although no one seem to deign checking it out to confirm if this is global.

I’m all for supporting Steinberg’s
New products. But when they don’t fix the bugs In previous versions.
It makes no sense.

There’s a long list of bugs in CP11
that haven’t been fixed.
I’m not gonna list them all.
But for that reason I’m not buying CP12 at the moment which looks like it’s full of bugs also.

More bugs and more unstable than any DAW I’ve worked with.
Like Logic and Protools…
I wish they would focus on stability
And performance instead of wasting time with redesigns and
New products.

ID3 Tags should be saved per project, not globally persistent.


It would be interesting to have an update on the bugs reported for Cubase 10.5, that aren’t still fixed in Cubase 12. With that said, it is tempting to paint feature requests as bugs, even if some of them are an exercise of common sense…

Totaly agree, i started with cb 10, mainly for the mixerscene snapshots, never worked! were in CB12 now and stil broken. Why!!!