Was it fixed?

Yes, this is pretty much exactly what I have been experiencing and it appears the fix has not been made yet, thanks for the pointers to the relevant C11 thread.

I hope someone with v11 has the time to check out my mute automation bug to see if that has been fixed.

This thread was a really great idea lovegames, very useful.

Okay, I added to list.

Two other bugs that have not been fixed in C11:

Selecting multiple tracks and then render with current settings results is some of the tracks having and empty audio file. Only rendering track by track works.

Is this a new issue, or a previous issue from 10.5???

This thread is meant for previous version issues that have carried over to 11, if you’ve found a new issue, definitely start a new thread for it.

This was an issue in 10, 10.5 and still in 11

what are your “current settings”?

Mode: One Event
Processing: Dry
Properties: Tail Off
Mute Source Track

I’m not getting this problem on Cubase 10 Windows 7 - is there a thread you can link to where others are discussing this problem/reproducing it? Are you Mac or Windows? can you take a GIF video using LiceCap or other?

Running on windows 10 selected 5 instrument tracks that use different VST and then select render with current settings. Some tracks get rendered correctly as audio other the audio is completly empty.

I had found threads on the forums in the past when i first encountered the issue but dont keep links to them, will have to do a vid later as i am in the middle of getting ready for a mixing session

oh okay with Instrument Tracks, I tried audio. I will try again to reproduce with instrument in a bit. video would help.


Problem starting in 10 (maybe fixed in 10.5?) FIXED in 10.5 or 11
Q-Link Doesn’t Work On Direct-Outs Slot 1/Main Output Assignment

Steps to reproduce:

Problem starting in 10 (maybe fixed in 10.5?)
MIDI Insert AutoLFO sending data even if disabled
-AutoLFO sends erroneous data when disabled. Only full insert section bypass stops it

Also this feature is broken since 10.5.20 in 10.5.12 and previous it works well.

not exactly clear what the issue is, there’s a lot going on in that thread

can you clarify?

It’s kinda hidden feature making able to basically put or replace sample without need to drag and drop from Mediabay on any position where you can d&d (Groove Agent, Sample track etc as well on 3rd party plugins such as Kontakt, Battery…)
Very convenient way when you searching for perfect sample (snare for ex) it saves time a lot while browsing.
Just check those 5 steps in first thread and screen gif is self explanatory.
Always want to make a video of that since it gets broken but always something pops out… :smiley:

Mute issue with disabled/enabled track still remaining:

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Change quantize value in arrange and midi editor with mousewheel that was removed in 10.5 is restored back in v 11. (win 10 at least)

Yes. My workaround (in 10.5) has been to add an additional mute point manually before and after the original mute point. ie create 2 mute points in and out of the mute. Time consuming, I know. but… :question:

I have not updated to 11 due to mixer naming being restricted to one lane.

can you give a point by point of what the problem is, or point by point comparison of what changed. i don’t have time to come up with my own summary of that thread

Generic remote doesn’t save assignments on slots with the same name. Was it fixed?