WaveLab 12 is now available and comes with 80 new features and improvements

Dear WaveLab friends,

It’s a pleasure to announce the availability of WaveLab 12, the long-awaited major update to our beloved Mastering DAW. With about 80 new features and improvements, this update is, to this date, the most elaborate version in the history of WaveLab.
You’ll find new functions and improvements in all areas of the application, ranging from Audio Montage, Audio Editor, Batch Processor, to Loudness, Spectral display and plug-ins - and much more. And many of those new features are also available (in a smaller edition) in WaveLab Elements 12.

All new features are listed here:

Here’s an overview video on the main new features in WaveLab 12:

And there’re even more tutorial videos on the Steinberg YouTube WaveLab channel:

On that channel, WaveLab Brand Ambassador Justin Perkins run a monthly WaveLab workflow seminar. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Important notice:
In case you’re on WaveLab 11 (Pro or Elements) and you want to update to WaveLab 12, please make sure to install WaveLab 11.2 (free maintenance update) before running the update to WL12. (This is for technical reasons. Not relevant for WaveLab 10 and older versions). Many thanks!

Have fun with WL12!



Well done… I cannot find the wavelab VST3 in Nuendo 13. I found it in Studio One and Reaper. Any thoughts?

Keep up the good work.


Menu > Audio > Extensions > WaveLab ARA

regards S-EH

That did the trick! Thanks a lot.

You know, this amazing app is now just so jam packed with useful tools for audio editing and analysis, that it’s sort of like a giant laboratory to manipulate audio waveforms! Maybe they should think about changing the name? Like call it Waveform Laboratory or something like that! :wink:

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And BTW, congrats to the team! ARA + new copy/paste interoperability are just what the doctor ordered! Thanks PG!

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Waveform Laboratory :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it was my attempt at humor. Punchline didn’t deliver though! I will not be starting my standup career! :grin:

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Hey all, if I just updated last sale, am I eligible for a grace period? I don’t know if I can justify $100, after I just spent 150

Hi all,
I have an issue with Wavelab 12, works beautifully on wave files, but crashes on anything else. Anyone else have this or is it just me :slight_smile:

FWIW… I am still studying the new features (mainly because I’m the kinda guy who was pretty happy with WL4. :smiley:

But that said, I have to hand it to you, PG. This version delivers. I’ve honestly been thinking that WL was starting to run out of things to add that someone like -me- would ever want. But there are any number of new features where my immediate reaction is, “Wow. I didn’t even know I needed that.”

Well done.

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By the way, the new feature - Audio Analysis / True Peaks / Hotspots - is somehow a response to your earlier query:


You did that for lil ol’ me? :smiley:

Seriously, there’s half a dozen things to get jazzed about for day to day ease of use. Well done. Well done.


Actually, this new graphical analysis tool is designed to address the situation you’ve raised (you were not the only one…).
Today, everyone has access to nice real-time meters, but these aren’t very useful when you need to check an entire song or album: you simply can’t watch all your meters continuously throughout the music piece, assimilate everything, and draw accurate conclusions. I don’t want to criticize real-time meters, especially since WaveLab was one of the first DAWs to include a comprehensive set of them. However, while real-time meters provide fancy animations that create a “professional impression,” in reality, it’s challenging to extract practically useful information when you need to cover a whole song and not just a part of it.
Hence the WaveLab 12 solution offers offline curves and hotspots to examine all aspects of the sound at your own pace :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t open or play FLAC files anymore.With 11.2 Pro no problem at all

Yes, this issue was found yesterday (and has already been corrected). This will be fixed in WaveLab 12.0.10 (in about two weeks).
This actually only concerns FLAC files that have metadata.


I noticed that the new version of Wavelab is supported as ARA 2 in Nuendo 13, why can’t I find it in Nuendo 12? This is still ARA 2, which also works in version 12. Does anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you

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Because Nuendo has a hard-coded list of ARA compatible plugins, and of course, WaveLab ARA did not exist at that time.

Congratz on this amazing release!
It performs smooth, quick and stable here.

There is a little thing, that might be an user error ( me doing something wrong as always :joy: ) .
When Loudness Matching with the reference track, a latency sometimes happens. But only sometimes. I did 8 masterings yesterday and 5 out of 8 had the latency problem. I used the same plugin chain ( including the External FX plugin ) every time. The Loudness measurement and all that works, but the measurement ends up being a bit off.

Again, thank you for a great update. Love all the new features :blush::pray:t2:

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